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    As the Green Party Vice-Presidential nominee, I have been traveling the country virtually non-stop since the Green Party convention in Houston on Aug 6. The purpose of this letter is to provide a personal report.

    First, I have heard countless personal stories that personalize the problems that communities of color are facing on a daily basis.

    These problems are crippling – mass foreclosures in Detroit, poisoned water in Flint, violence and neglect in Chicago, food insecurity in South Bend, and economic hardship almost everywhere.

    But what’s been humbling and inspiring to me is that people are turning to the Green Party in record numbers.

    I’ve seen increasingly large and vocal crowds of minority voters in public forums in Detroit, Chicago, South Bend and every major city I have visited.

    The Green Party presents real solutions to the crippling problems in communities of color.

    Jill and I are the only candidates in this race willing to work on the front lines of hardship and inequity that continue to plague millions of ordinary people in the United States.

    Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, Greens are committed to improving the lives of individuals most in need, empowering them to create and implement their own solutions to systemic ills.

    We take no corporate or PAC money. We depend on the generosity of individuals like you.

    The Green Party tenet that we should redirect our resources away from global conflict and corporate welfare and into our communities is simple and achievable, and it’s a goal I’ve pursued for four decades as a human rights advocate.

    I’m about to embark on a tour of Deep South states, taking our message of grassroots prosperity to audiences in Jackson, New Orleans, Dallas and Houston.

    But that only scratches the surface – we need to take our message of hope to many more communities all over the country.
    Yours in struggle,

    Ajamu Baraka

    2016 Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party

    Stein/Baraka Campaign

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