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    ANALYSIS: Soothing words or night-sticks? The choice facing Turkey and EU

    Relations between Ankara and the EU could break entirely unless both sides pull back from the brink, say analysts
    ISTANBUL, Turkey – For about 30 minutes on Sunday morning, the Turkish flag flew atop the Dutch consulate in Istanbul. A Turkish protester had scaled the wall, replaced the Dutch colours, and shouted that God was great.

    It was a scene reminiscent of the storming of embassies in Iran, or perhaps the Green Zone in Iraq’s Baghdad. It was also one of the milder moments in the ongoing diplomatic scandal between Turkey and European states.

    Hours earlier, Dutch riot police had horse-charged Turkish protesters demonstrating outside the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam over the banning of Turkish politicians from campaigning in the Netherlands.

    in full: http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/turkey-netherlands-diplomacy-198117802

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    1. Under previous governments Turkey wanted into the EU. With the dictator

    Erdogon, they don’t. Turkey seems to want the Ottoman empire back and that’s an idea as unhinged as their leader. I hope that some of these Euro countries will pressure the USA to kick  Turkey out of NATO while this relic still exists.

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      2. It's not up to the US. There is no mechanism in place for expulsion of a member

      Would no doubt take a collective vote in the Atlantic Council.