And another indication of how RW a Biden administration would be

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      Could Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney be a key member of a potential Democratic Joe Biden administration?

      A lobbying firm that sent out a speculative list of cabinet members if Biden wins including Romney’s name as a potential pick to be secretary of state.

      Romney’s name was briefly floated in 2016 to be President Donald Trump’s secretary of state. Romney and Trump have famously had an icy relationship since.

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      Probably less of a warmonger than Lady Klynton Kissinger-Sachs, but otherwise an appalling choice.

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      Obviously ANY Republicans in a so-called “Democratic” administration would be a BAD thing. Hell, even some of the fools who laughingly call themselves “Democrats” in the Clinton & Obama cabinets were bad enough.

      There’s also the fact that whomever gets appointed to replace Mittens in the Senate would probably be more extreme than him. It’s Utah…. not exactly a state known for progressive leadership. Maybe Rocky Anderson could get the gig, but I wouldn’t bet your soul on it.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      The TRUST Act.  Google it.  Behind closed doors bipartisan hacking at safety nets, with expedited passage through Congress.  BI-fucking-partisan  sponsors and committees.   Word is it will be tucked into a stimulus bill.  Anyone who is trying to peddle swill about Social Security being safer with Biden is a fucking liar.



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