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  • kishcreek (359 posts)
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    Andrea Mitchell is lying

    on air now saying Greens bled votes from Hill and lead to her PA loss.

    What utter bullshit. I ran the numbers this morning provided on the Fox election site, and Hill lost PA all by her little old self.

    Guess we Greens going to be MSNBCs new whipping boys/girls  :grr:

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15 replies
  • Entrepreneur (2348 posts)
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    1. No one saw that coming.

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness" - J.K. Galbraith
  • jwirr (4102 posts)
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    2. Andrea needs to go to the AP election map. It is clear that it was NOT Jill

    and her supporters who helped in this defeat. Even with Jill’s voters Hillary would not have won. It is very clear.

    • Peace13 (973 posts)
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      5. And Jill voters would never have gone to Hill.

      Jill’s votes actually made her look better not worse.

      Life's too short to vote for immoral warmongers.
  • Billy (1978 posts)
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    When it’s all done I think Trump would have won without Pennsylvania.

  • TM99 (4694 posts)
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    4. Of course she is lying. Her mouth is moving.

    Stein got .8% of the vote in PA.  Johnson pulled 2.4% all from Trump.  Had he not done so, Trump would have beaten much more soundly there in PA.

    Same old same old from the establishment New Dems.  This time it won’t work.  Fuck them and their lies.

    When you hear people raising reasoned objections to Trump’s policies and appointments, odds are that you’re listening to the sort of thoughtful dissent that’s essential to any semblance of democracy, and it may be worth taking seriously. When you hear people criticizing Trump and his appointees for doing the same thing his rivals would have done, or his predecessors did, odds are that you’re getting the normal hypocrisy of partisan politics, and you can roll your eyes and stroll on. But when you hear people shrieking that Donald Trump is the illegitimate result of a one-night stand between Ming the Merciless and Cruella de Vil, that he cackles in Russian while barbecuing babies on a bonfire, that everyone who voted for him must be a card-carrying Nazi who hates the human race, or whatever other bit of over-the-top hate speech happens to be fashionable among the chattering classes at the moment—why, then, dear reader, you’re hearing a phenomenon as omnipresent and unmentionable in today’s America as sex was in Victorian England. You’re hearing the voice of class bigotry: the hate that dare not speak its name.  -- John Michael Greer
  • Deadpool (12274 posts)
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    6. Clinton is 67,951 votes behind Trump in PA…

    Jill Stein got 48,998 votes. Assuming all of those voters would’ve picked Clinton, Hillary still would’ve lost PA.

    I got the numbers here: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/elections/index.ssf/2016/11/live_results_pennsylvania_pres.html

    • goodgirl (2180 posts)
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      13. You have the facts?

      HiThat certainly disqualifies you from ever getting a job as a “journalist” in the MSM.

      Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
  • Rubicon (576 posts)
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    7. This is easier for Team Clinton to take than the truth.

    They basically threw Bernie supporters out of the party at that Democratic Convention.  Why won’t they tell the truth and say that all of those fine Republicans that they shat on us for just didn’t come through.

    • St aug girl (2067 posts)
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      8. Exactly. They won't admit it because it would show

      that they picked a shitty, unrealistic strategy.

      edit to add: when has Clinton or her supporters ever accepted responsibility for their own actions?

  • StupidRedhead (2243 posts)
    Profile photo of StupidRedhead Banned

    9. I don't care how she lost and who they want to blame for it

    She’s not gonna be presidentin round here and that’s good enough for me. Go take a long nap Hilly, you deserve one.

  • coolepairc (190 posts)
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    10. Jill voter here

    I can assure you, my Jill vote would never have gone to Clinton, NOT EVER. My other options were not voting the presidential ballot or writing in Bernie. As usual, the MSM is delusional.

    • kishcreek (359 posts)
      Profile photo of kishcreek Donor

      11. My Jill vote never would've gone to her either.

      And I find the idea, more recently suggested by some pundits, that Clinton would’ve picked up additional votes from Libertarians (had Johnson not run) to be hilariously stupid. The Libertarians I know hate her with the white hot fire of a thousand suns.

      As you said, MSM is suffering from delusions.

  • Flygirl (3018 posts)
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    12. Andrea lost Hillary more votes than anyone !!

    Along with the other MSM that became utter shills for Hillary..the American people..when push comes to shove..despise being played for fools!!

    Andrea Mitchell lost Shillary a shit load of votes!!

    According to the DNC I am a Wife of a Taco Bowl Member!
  • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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    14. what's new? she always lies

  • Ohio Barbarian (6443 posts)
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    15. What do you expect from the spouse of Alan Greenspan.

    He was also wrong about everything. They make a perfect couple.

    Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.