Andrew Cuomo is no hero. He's to blame for New York's coronavirus catastrophe

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      His record was terrible before coronavirus, but his abysmal handling of the crisis should get him thrown out of office


      Federal failures played a role, of course, but this tragedy was absolutely due, in part, to decisions by the governor. Cuomo initially “reacted to De Blasio’s idea for closing down New York City with derision”, saying it “was dangerous” and “served only to scare people”. He said the “seasonal flu was a graver worry”. A spokesperson for Cuomo “refused to say if the governor had ever read the state’s pandemic plan”. Later, Cuomo would blame the press, including the New York Times for failing to say “Be careful, there’s a virus in China that may be in the United States?” even though the Times wrote nearly 500 stories on the virus before the state acted. Experts told ProPublica that “had New York imposed its extreme social distancing measures a week or two earlier, the death toll might have been cut by half or more”.


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      cuomos are neoliberal poison, anti-labor, anti-poor, anti-minority

      a pox on their house

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      Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of People walking on it. - RFK

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      Do not get the Cuomo love at all. NY has been a catastrophe. Had he followed Newsom’s lead in California and enacted strict measures earier, the death toll would not have been as horrific. No reason to let him off the hook. He fucked up pure and simple.

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