Andrew Yang to Launch Third Party. Will it Work?

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      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

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      Scott Crowder
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      In dividing and watering down the third party movement.
      Whoch is why he is doing it.

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      Good Luck Everyone, you decide!

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      Perhaps Joe Biden should have given him a White House Cabinet position.

      Ralph Nader (2000)….Jill Stein (2016)….Andrew Yang (2024)?

      From what I read, Yang has absolutely zero support at SV.

      Imagine….Trump vs Kamala vs Yang vs Gabbard.

      He has a new book coming out. Running as a third party candidate will certainly help book sales. I bought his other book “The War on Normal People” and thought it was an excellent read. As I recall, he focused a lot on AI (artificial intelligence), technology and automation, and its effect it will have on the job market. A very alarming book. On Amazon it gets a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. I never would have bought his book had he not run for president.
      Although I didn’t vote for him, I thought he made the Democratic Primary Debates very interesting.

      Andrew Yang at Demcoratic Debate — Jobs…and “Trump is not the cause of all of our problems…” — YouTube…


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      Passionate Progressive
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      Worst environmental platform of any of the Democratic Party primary candidates.

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      Jim Lane
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      Yang has zero chance of creating a true third party. Currently the Libertarian Party and the Green Party are vying for third place, with the Libertarians getting more votes than the Greens in every presidential election except when the Greens had the celebrity candidacy of Ralph Nader in 2000.

      In 2024, it’s highly likely that that pattern will continue. Conceivably the People’s Party, if it ever actually gets on the ballot anywhere, could overtake the Greens for fourth place. (With those two parties splitting the vote on the left, the Libertarians would be a lock to finish third again.)

      If the People’s Party completely fizzles out, a new Yang Gang Party would have a shot at fifth place, vying with the likes of the Alliance Party and the Party of Socialism and Liberation, each of which got less than 0.06% of the vote in 2020. My guess, however, is the People’s Party will come in fifth, leaving Yang and the other micro-parties to fight it out for sixth place.  That is, if he even goes ahead with this project, once its purpose of goosing his book sales has been accomplished.

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      His most memorable issue was his push for a UBI. At the time, it wasn’t taken all that seriously as a “mainstream” idea. Merely weeks after he dropped out of the race, the COVID pandemic kicked in, and suddenly a UBI looked like a great idea. Well, at least in Canada it did. The corporatism never seriously considered it in the US…. but maybe they might have, if a candidate was still running with that message.

      The main flaw in Yang’s UBI plan is that his numbers were too low. $1000/month wasn’t going to cut it. If he went with $2k/month like the Hosers did, he might have had more of an impact.

      Not saying I would have voted for the guy…. had too many “Libertarian” tendencies, in my most unholy opinion. But his one or two interesting ideas brought more to the table than the same recycled Republican Lite DLC bullshit we have seen since 1992.

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      Babel 17
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