Another Black Man Turns Up Dead in Wealthy Democratic Donor’s Home

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      For the second time in less than two years, Los Angeles County law enforcement officers are investigating a death that happened at the home of a wealthy Democratic donor known for keeping company with young black men.

      (Sorry for the brief excerpt. The f*cking hamsters won’t let me post more than that. And I used to like hamsters….)


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      Jeff wants to know if he has competition up there.

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      Second body found in West Hollywood home of Democratic donor Ed Buck

      A man’s body was found early Monday in the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, authorities said.

      It was the second time a man was found dead at Buck’s apartment. Buck is a longtime political donor, a one-time West Hollywood City Council candidate and a well-known figure in LGBTQ political circles.

      Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s West Hollywood station responded to the Laurel Avenue apartment complex at 1:05 a.m. in response to a report of a person not breathing, the department said in a statement. At some point, the 911 caller performed CPR, the department said.

      Paramedics pronounced a man dead at the scene. The cause of death was not yet known.

      “Second body”


      “Democratic donor”

      I think they’re getting out ahead of this scandal, and not giving any room to label it as being soft peddled. The paper has just announced that Ed Buck has been cut from the Democratic herd, as (edit) and is considered contagious.

      P.S. “Joe Buck” was the name of Jon Voigt’s character in Midnight Cowboy, and he was hustler who struggled in a very seedy world.

      The journal of the first man found dead in Buck’s home is supposedly stunningly frank. The dead man claimed Buck shot him up with his first ever dose of meth, it hurt, and he got hooked on it. He also claimed that when it came time to end his life, he’d let Buck do it.



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      the money quote, the earlier post just disappeared.

      Long story short, friend of the earlier man who died in Bucks house said Buck specialized in black men who were struggling on the streets and had no drug history.

      Implication:  he offered them money & drugs = control

      This is whats seen as success in this country today.  Buck made his bank by buying up a company in the 90s that provided drivers license information.  I wonder what kind of money can be made from selling drivers license information and why such a company would be allowed…more data mining I suppose, more selling of peoples private information.

      phuq all the bucks who prey on the poor; phuq all those driving people into poverty; phuq all the empire builders who make their bank on other peoples emiseration and despair

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