Answer to bad guy with bow & arrow is armed cops.

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      It’s a little difficult for us to wrap our heads around this because we are accustomed to a high level of gun violence every day. Norway is arming its regular patrol officers in response to an incident where a guy killed several people with a bow & arrow. Some countries don’t arm their regular officers. But there are relatively peaceful countries where the police walk around with submachineguns.

      Unarmed Police Ordered To Carry Guns After Bow-and Arrow-Massacre in Norway (

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      where an officer/military was standing behind me with a machine gun in an airport line – I had a large case filled with software listings.

      I was nervous then, and I still don’t like seeing military or fully armed police – last times I recall were Gatwick Airport in London and the international terminal at JFK, where there was military the second floor with an eye on the terminal below.

      I have flown into three of Moscow’s airports – I never saw an armed guard. I am sure they are there – the are just not as obtrusive and don’t make you feel like you are in a war zone.

      But I cannot think of any city I have been in where I have seen police with submachineguns. Hmm – only exception may be military patrols on the Golden Gate Bridge after 9/11.

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      police as to why they were entering Holland, and most of the police I saw carried machine guns.

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      Not that I am aware of.

      Some person randomly shot several people in Norway with a bow and arrow. Was there a cop even witnessing these shootings occur? I don’t know. How would armed cops prevented these shootings? The logic isn’t there.

      Maybe the answer is better mental health treatment. Maybe the answer is the depopulation of Norway. Maybe the answer is outlawing possession of bows/arrows.

      Unless the info is there, but they aren’t yet sharing it with outsiders.

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