Anti-atheist stigma can even harm Christian political candidates

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    By ERIC W. DOLAN September 6, 2019

    According to new research, religiously affiliated people tend to be less supportive of candidates who they believe are associated with atheism — even if the candidates are religious themselves. The findings have been published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

    “Both anti-atheist bias and presidential politics have been consistently strong research interests for the duration of my academic career,” said study author Andrew Franks, a visiting assistant professor of psychology at Pacific Lutheran University.

    “I have been conducting research at the intersection of these issues since early in graduate school, and my interest in the topic was initially sparked by public polling indicating that a majority of U.S. voters would categorically reject an atheist candidate for president.”

    “More recently, I noticed trends in the Democratic Party’s decisions, such as continuing to use religious language in their party platforms, which suggested to me that they were attempting to downplay their party’s association with secular and non-religious individuals,” Franks said.


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