Anti-vaxxers are refusing blood transfusions from vaccinated donors because they believe they’re ‘tainted,’ report says

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      The American Red Cross said that their officials have had to field questions in recent weeks about whether vaccinated blood could be “tainted” with components from the COVID-19 injections, according to spokesperson Emily Osment. Doctors have had to explain that it is safe to receive a blood donation from a vaccinated person.

      “While the antibodies that are produced by the stimulated immune system in response to vaccination are found throughout the bloodstream, the actual vaccine components are not,” Jessa Merrill, the Red Cross director of biomedical communications, told The Daily Beast.

      Up to 70% of the country’s blood supply is now coming from donors who have either already received the vaccine or have had COVID-19, experts said.

      Dr. Michael Busch, director of the Vitalant Research Institute, who is monitoring antibody levels in samples from the US blood supply, told the Beast: “Less than 10% of the blood we collect does not have antibodies.”

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      That’s like refusing to take blood from someone who had the smallpox vaccine because one is afraid they might get smallpox from it.

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      It is very hard not to cheer!!


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      ….with the Delta variant filling up the hospital beds, these idiots wouldn’t get any type of medical treatment which requires blood transfusions anyway. Can’t get “tainted” blood through telehealth – or whatever they call it when you talk to your doctor over Zoom.

      Tainted Blood…. yeah I think we need to get Weird Al or some other song parody writer to work on this one……..

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