AOC played critical role in ensuring passage of Trump’s Concentration Camp Bill

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      Became familiar with the author of this piece, Eric London, due to his interview with Lee Camp…This is the first of two articles he has written as exposes of AOC..The second of his articles you’re probably familiar with – the one he recently wrote for WSW about AOC and SDA….

      House Democrats voted overwhelmingly to provide the American immigration Gestapo with $4.6 billion to round up and jail thousands of immigrant children in concentration camps yesterday.

      The vote is a political endorsement of Trump’s fascistic policy. It exposes the Democrats as a thoroughly anti-immigrant party that is hostile to the democratic rights of the entire working class.

      By a margin of 305 to 102 (129 to 95 among Democrats), the Democratic-controlled House passed a Senate version of the appropriations bill that provides carte blanche to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to systematically brutalize working class children without any additional regulation or oversight.

      Link to article is here.


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      Many of the fights that she has taken, where she actually pushed hard are very partisan, instead of the policy based fights that many hoped she would go for.

      As for this issue, I did not know her role on this, and for someone who had staged a photo-op where she was next to wired fences, as if visiting those holding facilities, this is very disappointing indeed.

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