Appeals Court Revives Seth Rich Lawsuit Against Fox News

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    A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated a lawsuit from the parents of slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich against Fox News for exploiting Rich’s 2016 murder and promulgating right-wing conspiracy theories about it.

    Rich’s parents, Joel and Mary Rich, sued the network after it published unverified claims in 2017 that linked their son to Democratic National Committee emails leaked by WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election.

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    maybe they can get help from the DNC lawyers let go from the suit against WikiLeaks

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    If you wait/try long enough you can find a judge to support you.

    I feel bad for the Rich’s but I feel worse that TPTB convinced then that any other decision would be dangerous, probably to ‘national security’ or ‘sources and methods’ of the Intel community.

    Seth Rich – dead

    Epstein – alive.


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    Babel 17
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    This suit might regenerate interest in the case, especially if new evidence emerges that it’s more likely than ever it was Rich that leaked the DNC documents.

    Then the lawyers have to argue that it was absurd and hurtful to speculate on how the DNC leaker was seemingly assassinated just because two guys who knew how to avoid surveillance cameras shot him, but did not rob him.

    If Rich gets proven to be the leaker, then the courts might see him as a public, and not private, figure, and thus speculation on him is the same as speculation on Trump, or Clinton. And that’s when the parents, as incredibly sympathetic as they are, would likely lose some support from the media for this suit.

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    99th Monkey
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    This situation is so deeply disturbing — obviously & ludicrously — yet semi-understandingly so.    Classic mind-fuckery.

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