Apple suppressed competitors in its App Store–until it got caught, a lawsuit alleges

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      An email app developer says it has uncovered new data that suggests Apple has long been suppressing the rankings of apps in the App Store that compete with Apple’s own offerings, according to new court filings by the developer, which sued Apple in October for patent infringement and antitrust violations.


      Blix, which developed the “BlueMail” app, made the discovery only when Apple’s rankings suddenly changed in its favor. At the end of September, Blix unexpectedly jumped from 143rd in Apple’s ranking for mail apps to 13th. Blix had for years been highly ranked in the competing Android app stores, run by companies like Google, Samsung, Amazon and Huawei. But on Apple’s iOS, where it competes with Apple’s own mail app, they’d long been ranked very low.


      Blix started looking at other apps that also compete with Apple’s preinstalled apps. Several others, such as a mail app from Russian tech company Yandex, had also seen dramatic spikes in their rankings. Blix says it used market research firm SensorTower to research the unexplained spike in BlueMail’s ranking on the iOS store, which happened on Sept. 26th. Using SensorTower’s historical data, it was able to determine that BlueMail wasn’t the only app that had experienced the spike.

      “Multiple different types of Apple app competitors enjoyed a sudden, unexplained rise in search rankings,” according to Blix’s latest filing in court, which appeared Friday. The spike came roughly two weeks after a New York Times article examined how Apple ranked its own apps higher than competitors.



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      With the old Apple 2e computers, Apple let anyone and everyone sell addon boards and software to run on it. When they came out with the Mac, everything got proprietary. When all the IPOS devices came out, their greed got worse.

      I will never buy an Apple product.

      I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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      Apple is a greedy, unethical corporation.

      I subscribe to a YouTube channel, “Louis Rossman.” He is a fairly young guy who started a computer repair store in NY about 8 years ago. He repairs a LOT of Apple products. Not only does he repair them, he repairs them LIVE STREAMING to teach other people how to repair Apple products. 😁 Why does he have to repair Apple products? Because Apple won’t. They have admitted that there’s no profit in repair work. That’s why their quoted repair costs are exorbitant. They quote a cost that’s the same price or close to the same price as a new laptop so people will opt to buy new instead.

      Louis received a phone call from Apple’s attorney telling him to stop repairing their products (he recorded the conversation) or they would sue him. He told them to go ahead and sue him because he’s not going to stop helping people with broken Apple products that Apple WON’T repair. Then he went on his YouTube channel and told all his subscribers what Apple was planning to do. 🙂 Apple got so much push back, they never sued and he hasn’t heard from them since.

      Louis also sent a guy into  Apple (wearing a hidden camera) with a MacBook that had a minor issue that could easily be repaired (by Louis) and when Apple opened the MacBook, they claimed it had water damage (it didn’t. Louis had already inspected it) and could not be repaired. The guy would need a new computer. Flat out LIE caught on camera by Louis.

      You couldn’t pay me to own an Apple product. Their prices are ridiculous and they’re an unethical company.

      If you’re interested in computer repair, you should subscribe to his channel, Louis Rossman. He’s very good and has a very successful repair store. He streams his repairs magnified so you can see exactly what he’s doing. I ran across his channel one day in one of my rabbit holes. I’m not the least bit interested in computer repair, but he’s a fascinating character and I like what he does.

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      Never had anything Apple, never wanted anything they ever made.  Especially after that FoxConn business.

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