Are Democrats still progressive?

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      They were definitely progressive when they had to jump on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon. “I’m a lifelong progressive.” “I’m a pragmatic progressive.” “We’ve always been at war with East Asia.” Don’t hear much of that right now. Joe Biden sometimes “fights for” progressive stuff like thinking about maybe possibly considering canceling a small amount of student loan debt. But that’s about it.

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      I can still remember the moment when Hillary turned towards the audience and flashed that fake smile she does (you know, the one where you shiver as her eyes widen, the one that exudes all the warmth of the arctic tundra). Right at the point where the grin had reached the level of “shit eating,” she said, “I’m a progressive.” Yuck. I’ve never used the word since.

      The democrats were big on the label until they weren’t. They seem to have wrested control of the term from Sanders types, perverted its meaning, and then killed it. That’s kind of what happened to “liberal.”

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      Last time I can recall anything vaguely progressive was when Bill Clinton had an “It’s the economy, stupid” reminder.

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      Not to upend a phrase, “Is water dry?”

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