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      that reflect a DECLINE in the quality of goods?  E.g., like how my toaster died just short of three years after I bought it (after the warranty expired, of course), when the one it replaced lasted for 30?

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      Snort McDork
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      ….And are programmed to cease or commit suicide just prior to the expiration of a warranty, which are sent over from somewhere in Asia.

      My condolences to your toaster that gave you 30 years of toast with butter and jelly, waffles, and reheated pizza. And if your toaster engaged in hedonistic activities, I would like to know about that too.

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      just like exclusion of food and energy,

      is to downgrade CPI as much as possible, to cook the books in order to CPI-tied index raises as small as possible, to drop real purchasing power as much as possible, to make poor people as poor as possible.


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      Scott Crowder
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      Because…They Live.



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      Utopian Leftist
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      Every year they find cheaper materials, reduce labor costs (mostly by cutting wages) and raise prices on consumers anyway.

      Same deal with my coffee maker. I bought one in 2000; it cost literally $10 and lasted me 12 years. Since then I’ve had one that lasted three years and six or seven that didn’t last for even two years. You can’t get ’em for less than $25 now.

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      I have an old iron skillet, clearly marked 8″ on the handle. If I want to replace it with the same size pan, I have to buy a 10″.

      Just sayin’.?????

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