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    Are Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Contracts Worth the Future of the Democratic

    Are Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Contracts Worth the Future of the Democratic Party?

    By: Nomiki Konst – Mediem/TYT


    Photo By: Nomiki Konst



    The DNC is going through an existential crisis, being at its weakest state since 1920. This is not the Democrats’ first existential crisis, though. In 2005 the DNC members were at war with national consultants who they claimed were sucking up the resources of the party. It was that year when Vermont Governor Howard Dean won and enacted his 50 state strategy. But it came with a fight over resources, contracts and state funding. And while the 2017 DNC elections have been billed as the Bernie vs. Hillary or the progressives vs. establishment fight, it is actually the 2005 fight over funding, on steroids.

    It’s become a common statement over the past few months: The Democrats have raised more money than ever and lost more seats than ever (1,000+ seats nationwide since 2009). They had an elaborate convention, beautifully crafted marketing, what was praised as the most sophisticated data operation to date and teams of veteran campaign strategists working in what was supposed to be the easiest Presidential race in recent history. But around 9:45pm ET on Nov 8, it was clear that the house of cards was on the verge of collapse. And that by the next day, the DNC would have to not just answer how they lost the Presidency and so many other races, but: Where did all that money go?

    Former Chair Candidate, NH State Chairman Ray Buckley broke the news during the Phoenix DNC forum that as an executive member he had never seen the budget — and that most leaders at the DNC, as well as all of the members, had no idea where the record amount of money raised was being spent. When the DNC Chair candidates debated over whether the party should accept lobbyist money (which was banned under Obama’s administration), Buckley stated “the question should not be about whether we need the lobbyist money, but rather where we’ve spent all this money we’ve raised.”

    There’s much finger-pointing towards OFA, President Obama’s national organizing entity that, in retrospect many members feel competed with their state’s funding. After the 2010 electoral shellacking, OFA scaled back, and mostly sent out fundraising emails. But the senior staff for OFA has not gone away, as many moved on to start consulting firms which picked up contracts with both the DNC and HFA. And the cross over contracts are jarring — with almost $1billion being allocated to eight major consulting groups from 2015–2016.

    Several DNC members have privately disclosed that they received calls on behalf of Tom Perez from Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, a partner of Precision Strategies and former Executive Director of the DNC when the OFA was housed within it. Dillon is also a Co-Chair of the upcoming Unity Commission, forged out of the 2016 rules committee. The goal of the Unity commission is to set the DNC’s new rules.

    Members have repeatedly discussed the frustration with the conflicts of interests within the Democratic party…



    More: https://medium.com/theyoungturks/are-multi-million-dollar-consulting-contracts-worth-the-future-of-the-democratic-party-247f3ecba480#.pyg9wfqd3



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  • djean111 (5592 posts)
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    1. As far as I am concerned, the Democratic Party is ALL about that money, and

    it is dead to me.  And in my personal life, I will be spreading that word.

    I was at the deli counter of a giant soulless corporation yesterday, waiting my turn.  The man in front of me – black, about my advanced age – started talking about Walmart and Aldi’s and how people could not even afford WalMart, the food prices have gone up.  And then, for no apparent reason, he threw in “Thanks to Trump”, which made no fucking sense at all.  but we started talking politics, I said I was a Bernie supporter, and mentioned some reasons I thought Hillary is the greater evil.  He had no idea she traveled the world, pimping fracking.  He mentioned Breitbart.  I mentioned Brock, and asked him if he knew that Hillary’s campaign called Bernie a racist.  He was really shocked at that, because Bernie is no racist.  He said he never heard of Brock – I said remember when someone called Anita Hill slutty?  That was Brock.  He asked what he could look up on the net, I told him to start with the Third Way, and Hillary’s refusal to sign an agreement against cluster bombs.   He thanked me for the information, and we shook hands.  Little by little.

    • *Obligatory disclaimer - when I say "Democratic Party" I mean the DNC - the Clintons and the un-elected people and the consultants and the lobbyists and the corporations who actually run things.  The people who work and vote and are registered as "D" are no more the actual party than Trekkies are Star Trek.   Extra credit - the Democratic Party gets to actually fuck up your life. When you vote for it.
    You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
    • WillyT (10694 posts)
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      2. Thank You For That !!!





    • MistaP (6948 posts)
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      3. this is the only way that politics operates today–just chatting to people IRL

      http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)