UK claims Russia may have discussed who they’d prefer to see lead in Ukraine

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      This was all over the BBC news last night, and today I see it at .

      And we’re supposed to be all outraged – like we don’t remember that the US did the EXACT same thing in Ukraine that we’re now supposed to be outraged about?

      “A leaked phone conversation between Victoria Nuland, the lead US diplomat during the Ukraine crisis, confirms direct US involvement in the 2014 coup. During the call, Nuland is heard instructing coup leaders on US choices to form the new government.”

      (Link: )

      Not to mention the unreliability of “intelligence” sourced via the UK (viz. the Steele dossier and the Downing Street memo) – please tell me we’re not that stupid!

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      or the PTB and media really thinks it’s real. I wonder how many plebs will or will not make the obvious connection.

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      Who is more of a fool… the fool, or the one who follows the fool?

      These idiots, Joe Biden included, will have all of us in an early grave before our time.

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      I’m curious how that meeting in Paris will go — Russia, Germany, France, and Ukraine. No UK. No USA. I’m hoping a lot of positives comes out of that meeting.

      I watched NBC News tonight and they made it sound like it’s not “if”, but “when”. They made it sound like any day now. But they added “Russia denies it”. So, who knows?

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      Babel 17
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      We’re not talking about that kind of ego.

      lol 😉

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