Are We Finally Ending the Reagan-Thatcher Era of ‘Government Is Evil’? Michael Moore

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      They’ve ruled under the ideology that private, profit-making corporations are always superior to the government, even when it comes to providing critical public services to the people. That anything getting in the way of their profits – be it labor unions or regulations, must be eliminated.

      And they’ve put forward this big lie that biggest scourge we face is THE DEFICIT, caused by government spending on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and welfare programs (things that actually help people!) but not, of course, by our massive military budget or tax breaks for the rich or giant corporations. It is this worldview that has been killing us. But something is now changing. While we haven’t won every primary or every election, WE ARE WINNING THE WAR OF IDEAS.

      We appear to be entering a political realignment where the old lies about deficits; about labor; about regulations; and most importantly, about the massive need for government intervention and government spending money to help its citizens, is changing. The political winds have shifted, and they are blowing to the left. And Joe Biden is changing along with it.

      But make no mistake – the Democrats have not yet returned to being the party of FDR. There is still a long way to go and many battles to fight. And the next one will be on INFRASTRUCTURE.

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      Before Obamacare the whole argument I heard from Republicans was “Government should stay out of healthcare. It’s socialized medicine.”

      In 2016 Trump ran on repealing Obamacare, but he added two (necessary) words to his camapign rhetoric — “and replace”. It was “Repeal AND REPLACE.” He knew most Americans didn’t want to go back to the old days. He knew most people were for the government getting involved in healthcare. They just did not want Obamacare, for whatever reasons. They wanted “Trumpcare”. Trump promised a “wonderful” healthcare plan. “Everyone will be covered” he said.
      As it turned out, we discovered Trump had no plan whatsoever. He handed it off to Mitch McConnell and the Republicans to come up with a plan, and of course, nothing happened.

      I’ve talked to some Republicans who have Medicare Advantage. Whenever I mentioned that the “government” is handing out subsidies to the private insurance companies, they’re okay with that. Even when I explain that the subsidies are going towards the insurance companies’ profits, paying the salaries to all those insurance agents who come to your door, the endless amount of TV ads, advertisements in your mailboxes, magazine ads, etc., Republicans are still okay with that because they see all those subsidies as keeping their premiums low. When I mention that these “subsidies” are “taxes”, they’re still okay with that.

      Bottomline: The “socialized medicine” and “government should stay out of healthcare” argument has been put to rest. And as we can see, Medicare for All is gradually gaining support from both Democrats and Republicans.

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      Shameful, but no surprise. Biden’s infrastructure plan is a joke, and its rollout so far has been a lie. Biden ran on a $7 trillion infrastructure package, far less than Bernie’s, and then opened the bidding at under $2 trillion.

      And Moore is saying this guy is being moved to the left. What a gaslighter he has become.

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      Not interested in his thoughts about anything, to be honest.

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