Arrest of 'Yellow Vest' leader sparks outcry in France

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      Eric Drouet – who already faces a trial for carrying a weapon at a previous protest – was arrested late Wednesday for organising an unauthorised protest on the Champs-Elysées avenue. He was released Thursday afternoon.

      Speaking to reporters after his release, Drouet said he had been on his way to a restaurant with four others when he was picked up by dozens of armed riot police and forced into a vehicle.

      “I wasn’t wearing a yellow vest, just walking on the pavement,” he said, calling the arrest “incomprehensible”.

      “I’m not the Yellow Vests’ representative. With or without me, it will continue”, he said, speaking of the protests.


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      No to the persecution of Eric Drouet

      As the movement of the “yellow vests” expands, the Macron government is trying to intimidate it with fierce repression. One of the main founders of the movement, 33-year-old truck driver Eric Drouet, posted on Facebook Friday that the police had raided his home in Seine-et-Marne…

      The accusation against Drouet is fraudulent. The day after his speech on BFM-TV, Drouet clarified his thoughts on his Facebook page….“I never said that I wanted to go to the Elysée to break everything, but to make us heard,” he said. “The only people we have to negotiate with are the ministers, the prime minister, the secretaries of state, but never the president [Macron]; it was rather for the symbol. I have never attacked [property] on a demonstration and it will not start tomorrow…”

      It’s not hard to understand why the Macron Government is targeting Drouet in this way…  Drouet is one of the chief figures of the movement who refuses to negotiate with Macron, in contrast to the “free yellow vests,” who seek a common ground with the president. This makes him a target for Macron, who wants at all costs to smash the movement, and to buy up all the people on the various Facebook pages that lead the movement.

      The threat against Drouet is a warning to workers who are coming into struggle. The movement of “yellow vests” terrifies the state. Isolated and hated by masses of workers, panicked by the rise of anger against Macron, the government is preparing to use every measure to criminalize the “yellow vests” and any real political opposition to Macron…



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      To him at least, there is the very real possibility of the Yellow Vest movement causing his downfall.

      Never let your morals stop you from doing the right thing.--Isaac Asimov

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