Article 13 is almost finished – and it will change the internet as we know it

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      Negotiations about the EU copyright reform law have resumed: After missing the original Christmas deadline, negotiators for the European Parliament and Council are now aiming to finalise the text on January 21, 2019.

      The negotiators have reached agreement on the core of Article 13, which will change the internet as we know it: They want to make internet platforms directly liable for any copyright infringements their users commit.

      What remains to be decided: Exactly what lengths will platforms need to go to to avoid or limit their liability? Just how much they will need to restrict our ability to post and share our creations online?


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      So does this mean no “Fair Use” provisions as part of the new regulations?

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      Wow. I had no idea about this proposed disaster. If the European Parliament doesn’t vote it down, well, JPR, it’s been good to know ye. All of the posting problems we’ve had on 3.0 are nothing compared to the spam filters this would cause.

      This is nothing less than an al-out assault on free speech on the internet.

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      I would think the sort of stuff that gets that gets posted on jpr and similar sites should be fine under fair use provisions. Otherwise that would be a 1st amendment violation. Here, people post excerpts with direct links to the original content creator. There are embedded youtube videos, but that would be on youtube. Article 13 looks to be going after major pirating sites. The thing is, this is an EU law, so it’s unclear to me how this would affect sites based outside the EU. Anybody know?

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        YouTube is a problem in itself. Yes that would be on YouTube.

        “Fair Use” was not in the OP’s article. There was a link to a .docx in the article which is over one hundred pages long. It was not directly about “Fair Use” yet the restrictions on private institutions were there (disclaimer: I am not good at reading legalize). Public institutions such as Scientific and Educational seem to excepted from most of the clauses.

        Article 13 is going after more than ‘Pirating Sites’. People who publish in Music Industry (song writers, copyright owners) are not being paid for the music being sold online. We are not talking about Vinyl, CD’s, cassettes new or used. People are buying their music online through MP3’s, Flac, Wav files and paying for it through so-called ‘Legal Sites’ such as: Google, Amazon, iTunes and others. These ‘Legal Sites’ are not paying the people who publish with the claim of, ‘We cannot find the owner of the song’. Seems strange that ‘Legal Sites’ can do this and pocket all of the cash, but that is what is happening.

        So the whole of Copyright issue is one big complex mess. As far as the EU goes, where they lead, others may follow.

        LINK to the mentioned .docx file


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          Yes, the article in the op doesn’t mention fair use provisions so there’s no reason  to assume they no longer apply.

          Here is an article that breaks it down and is considerably shorter than 100 pages: linky

          From the Wired article: “The article intends to get news aggregator sites, such as Google News, to pay publishers for using snippets of their articles on their platforms. Press publications “may obtain fair and proportionate remuneration for the digital use of their press publications by information society service providers,” the Directive states. No one is really sure how this one would work either. How much of an article has to be shared before a platform has to pay the publisher?”

          Also, the focus is on the tech giants sharing copyrighted content rather than small sites.

          From Wired: “Simply put, the Directive on Copyright places more responsibility on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure that copyrighted materially isn’t being illegaly shared on their platforms. Until now, the onus has mostly been on the copyright holders – usually the companies that produce audio, video or written content – to enforce copyright protection but under the new law this responsibility will shift onto the major platforms themselves.”

          As it is with any piece of legislation, this is absurdly complex and there are more questions than answers as to how this would apply in the real world. Youtube and silicon valley lobbying groups tied to facebook, google, etc are strongly opposed to Article 13, while content producers such as the Society of Authors are in favor of it. Take from that what you will. Ultimately, I get the impression this is more bad than good, and it is unclear how, if at all, this affects content produced outside the EU.



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      So the EU is kind of following the lead of the US it seems

      I can see NewSpeak on the horizon

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      The global oligarchy is paying the most intelligent, competent talent, that have no conscience, to work for them on developing fine tuned methods for controlling, and exploiting the masses, in order to serve their profit interests without question.

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      I got news for them, we ain’t their phukkin’ personal herds of milk cows, and when the inevitable s h i t hits the fan, all the lies, deception, and money in the world won’t buy them another second of imaginary power and control.


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