As Gaza Burns, Where is Washington’s “Respect for Norms” Now?

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      Take the destruction of the al-Jalaa Tower, which held the offices of news outlets that included the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. It’s a violation of international law to attack civilian targets with evidence of an immediate military threat. Al-Jalaa wasn’t targeted because it posed an immediate danger. It was targeted because journalists worked there. The idea that it was an “intelligence center” for Hamas (which, incidentally, is the legitimately elected government of the area) was preposterous.

      Even more absurd was the IDF’s claim that Hamas was using civilians as “human shields” there. The building’s occupants were given precisely one hour to escape. Journalists, residents, and others in the building fled without interference. “Human shields,” by definition, cannot leave.

      The lying wasn’t merely done to conceal a war crime. The bold transparency was a message to the world’s media. Journalists: They know that you know they’re lying. That was the point. They were taunting you with the fact that they can destroy and lie, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll never catch them, never stop them, never fully reveal what they’re doing—not as long as they have the backing of the world’s largest superpower.

      What else can explain the brutal arrogance behind Israeli “Defense” Minister Benny Gantz’s statement that if Hamas rocket attacks mean “citizens of Israel have to sleep in shelters, then Gaza will burn”? This conveys the clear and premeditated intention to commit a war crime, by attacking a civilian population as an act of revenge. Gantz did not say that “we will attack military targets in Gaza” if rockets are fired, after all. He said the entire region would “burn.”

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      convenient for Washington at any point in time.  No matter who is in any office.  Another thing is that pretty much everything that comes out of Washington is bullshit.

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      Warning: Sarcasm may be present.

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      has been for the Israelis to brutalize the people in the lands they have occupied.   Another example of “nothing will fundamentally change”.

      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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