Attempt to assassinate Venezuela’s Maduro was planned in Colombia: CNN

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      by Jake Kincaid March 17, 2019

      An assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was planned in Colombia by Venezuelan oppostition figures who were in touch with US authorities, CNN reported Friday.

      The reports add credibility to Maduro’s longtime claim that Colombia is being used as a base for attacks against Venezuela. Both Colombian and US authorities have long denied the claims were false, but appear to have been lying to the public.

      The self-proclaimed masterminds behind the attack said they had been planning the attack from an undisclosed ranch in Colombia where the men armed the drones bought in the US with explosives.

      Having successfully carried out the preparations in Colombia, the drones were deconstructed and smuggled in parts into Venezuela to carry out the assassination attempt on Maduro, whose legitimacy s president is disputed by more than 50 countries, particularly Colombia and the US who have refused to rule out the use of violence.


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      Cocaine production in Colombia reached an all-time high in 2017 so must be one helluva party down there. Just saying.

      Animals know more than we do.

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