Austerity Is Stupid, and Why the Powerful Don't Like to Admit It

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      Isn’t today’s tragedy precisely that we are all very well aware of the cost of austerity, but nonetheless cannot bring our liberal establishments to admit that it was plain wrong? The Greek case shows that the political capital spent on pursuing austerity policies is – at least in part – the reason why such political investment cannot be renounced so easily. It would be like admitting that all the work that you’ve done was in fact a lie. And with elections around the corner, we all know that no political figure will admit to such blunders when power is up for grabs.

      We seem to be living in Guy Debord’s ‘society of the spectacle’ – except that in this case it is not that we are slaves to technological advancements alone and therefore act like we are doing – but also to our own political system whose functionaries operate within a framework of power struggles.

      We could talk about the real issues of our time, like lack of investment, poverty, climate change and so on, but the ruling liberal establishment prefers instead to extend and pretend the lie of austerity in order to convince voters that it was indeed a correct policy to pursue – no matter what the evidence actually says. The outcome of such extend and pretend politics is what we are seeing emerge everywhere in the world today: a widespread resentment towards the ruling liberal establishment embodied by populist monsters whose racist, authoritarian and xenophobic politics are finding a voice in our communities.

      So what is the answer amidst this failed politics? The answer can only be a Progressive International whose narrative deeply penetrates this warped version of reality. We must talk about this, endlessly. We must repeat it ad nauseum to dismantle the layers of propaganda that we are fed day in – day out. If we don’t do this we will fail miserably in our quest to change Europe and the world. There’s no time to lose.

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      Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of People walking on it. - RFK

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      what fiscal responsibility is. The power to determine who should control the finances of a nation or nations, and who allocates resources to whom. Austerity is stupid for the vast majority of people, but it makes perfect sense to the ruling oligarchs, and they are doing everything they can to protect and extend their power.

      Fortunately, they are running into some serious opposition now, especially in France, but there are movements whose goal is to change that power structure growing in many other countries, including the United States.

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