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    Ballot measures on conservation, clean energy, and transit did surprisingly well

    The election of Donald Trump and a GOP Congress will very likely be devastating for federal environmental policy. But that’s not the only environmental news from the election. Further down the ballot, a range of citizen initiatives focused on conservation, clean energy, and transit. How’d they do?

    Turns out, pretty well. There were dozens and dozens, so I won’t run through them all, but here’s a roundup of some of the more significant ones, both wins and losses.
    Climate and energy

    The big one: I-732…..


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    1. Some "Good Stuff" did pass Down Ballot in this Election…

    The American People are doing a “Re-set” of priorities along with sending a message to the Politicians.

    Yes, Dems didn’t take back the Senate or House..but, really, did they Deserve to?

    But, many on the Left and even the Progressive Dems still vote Down Ballot for Green Issues: Public Transportation, Funding and Preserving Parks and Recreation sites in Urban areas, Bikeways, Public School Funding over Privatization and other issues that are winning but not universally covered by the Mainstream Media.

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    2. Not to mention MJ, both legal and recreational n/t

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