Bank Blocks Donations Supporting Cuban Effort to Vaccinate World

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      Anti-war activists at CodePink responded to the news by saying that “some of the most powerful people in the world would rather prolong a global pandemic than allow the Cuban people some relief from U.S. imperialism. What awful, deadly priorities.”

      As the coronavirus crisis enters its third year, new infections have reached record levels globally. Meanwhile, access to lifesaving vaccines remains starkly unequal. Several countries are administering booster shots—hundreds of millions of which are set to be thrown away in the coming weeks—before most of the world’s poorest inhabitants have been given their first jab.

      Nearly 9.8 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered globally to date. More than 70% of people in high-income nations have been fully inoculated, but just 9.6% of people in low-income countries have received at least one shot due to dose hoarding by wealthy governments and knowledge hoarding by pharmaceutical corporations, whose profit-driven refusal to share publicly funded vaccine formulas has generated artificial scarcity.

      According to a recent analysis, billions of additional Covid-19 vaccine doses are required to end the pandemic—meaning that global vaccine manufacturing must be ramped up significantly.

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      Oligarchs like Bill Gates and those heading Big Pharma are deliberately withholding vaccines from Third World countries in the hopes that Covid will keep mutating, keep scaring the shit out of people, and keep tax dollars going to line their pockets with more profits from more booster shots…forever.

      Again, Covid cannot be eradicated. It will, and should, be treated like just another common cold.

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