Barbarian at the Gates: From LBJ's War on Poverty and We Shall Overcome to Joe Biden's War on Hope and Austerity is Life.

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      I remember the election of 1964 well, though I was only six years old. My parents were liberal white middle class New Deal Texans who had grown up in the poverty of the Great Depression, prospered through the incredibly fast transformations of World War II and the postwar boom, and who shared Lyndon Baines Johnson’s dream of accomplishing Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vision.

      Their optimism was infectious to a six year old boy who didn’t feel what poverty really meant to the poor or know what caused it, other than greedy people often referred to as bankers, oil men, or big businessmen. I had seen it, though. My father was one of the first podiatrists in San Antonio to treat black and Latino people, and we were invited into their homes.

      Some had houses almost as nice as my parents. Others literally had dirt floors and no indoor plumbing, and some even lacked electricity. I thought that was terrible, and that LBJ was going to fix it. I also thought it was terrible that these people were discriminated against and weren’t even allowed to vote in the Southern states(I was taught that Texas wasn’t part of the South; Texas was Texas).

      Why, that was Unamerican! America had made a mistake with slavery, but it was a good thing the North won the Civil War just like Sam Houston had said it would, and had fixed that problem. But America was about freedom and freedom meant equality and voting.

      My parents also imbued me with pride for American technological accomplishment, I was excited by NASA and the space program, and LBJ was sure to use all the good new technologies for the benefit of all. I still have an All the Way with LBJ button somewhere. Then he won a crushing victory, and y’all already know what happened later.

      Now, in 2020, I reflect on those optimistic and enthusiastic childhood memories after seeing Joe Biden arrogantly and mockingly tell leftists, everybody 45 and younger, everyone dependent on Social Security, Latinos and now Blacks that there is no hope of the government ever doing anything to end poverty. Life’s just tough for all of us, it’s going to get tougher, that’s just reality, and we’ll be idiots making life harder on ourselves if we don’t shut up and do what the Great Man tells us to do.

      Joe Biden positively stinks of technocratic privilege.

      This is the Democratic Party’s message today: There is no hope for a better world, only hope for a return to the dismal Obama years at best. If Trump is re-elected it means the certain destruction of us all, and so you have to be crazy not to vote for us.

      LBJ waged a war on poverty and won some monstrous victories for the working class. His proudest accomplishment was bringing electricity and indoor plumbing to millions of Americans. And he did get the Civil Rights Acts signed into law. Whatever his failures, LBJ did fulfill some important dreams and aspirations. He showed us that, sometimes, hopes and dreams can become manifest.

      Since Bill Clinton, the Vichy Democrats have purged Great Society ideals from the Party, and have waged a war on the hopes of the working and middle classes ever since. Joe Biden offers us nothing more than a continuation of Obama’s austerity that gave us Donald Trump in the first place, except this time, there is no hope and change. Tighten your belts. Eat your peas. Deal with it. Quit your bitching.

      Austerity is life.

      My, how things have changed.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail the revolution.--Fred Hampton

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      How far down the rabbit hole we have gone.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      I’m writing this for the second time because my long paragraphs just went *poof* (must not have been meant to be written)…

      Seriously, I lived in San Antonio for 3 years, therefore, we made a trip to the not so far away LBJ ranch. I previously had a lot of hate for LBJ in 1995 after Oliver Stone’s JFK, but I wanted to learn something I didn’t know about Johnson, so I did…

      His background as a responsible cattle rancher, researching the best types of grass for raising cattle and as an educator, plus a strong proponent as a vocational educator (which was my degree) helped me understand a little as to how he was able to get things done in the Senate… a total departure for how Biden survived in the Senate. There couldn’t be a wider difference in being willing to live with bold decisions, which is what Johnson was able to do with the Great Society and Civil Rights Act.

      Biden got lots of practices being a smart-aleck and copy cat speech writer. His colleagues figured him out from both isles, and tolerated him, rather than pay attention to him as LBJ was able to get them to do.

      In spite of the war on poverty, and infusing hope after loosing Camelot, I think LBJ died with a heavy heart and conscience. Biden will just continue to fade away. I can see that Biden’s face is already doing that… It’s devoid of hope and mechanically breaking down. Austerity’s reversal wasn’t his plan, anyway… That’s got to be our plan, and that’s the hope I still have.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      We used to be general optimists, believing things would get better for everybody, that all of us would enjoy more freedom and prosperity in the days to come. Then people got scared and turned to the “optimism” of Reagan, which amounts to social Darwinism, the hope that I will get my share before you steal it or otherwise deprive me of it. Both major parties have played to this ever since 1980. If all we care about is standing guard over one little piece of pie, there is no vision for the future. That’s where we have been for 40 years, and are likely to be for at least the next 4 years.

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