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  • leveymg (4271 posts)
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    Behind Every Fortune Lies a Crime. Except, When It's All "Legit"

    “Behind every fortune lies a crime,” (and a lawyer)

    In its 1983 obituary, the New York Times began with a telling anecdote about the recently passed Meyer Lansky:

    ”He would have been chairman of the board of General Motors if he’d gone into legitimate business,” an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation once said of Meyer Lansky with grudging admiration. And in a moment of triumph, Mr. Lansky once boasted to an underworld associate: ”We’re bigger than U.S. Steel.”

    The truth is that, largely as a result of a brilliant political and investment strategy worked out by the little Jewish émigré from Russia, the Mob did eventually take over General Motors and became far wealthier and more politically powerful and diversified in its global holdings than even the steel and railroad magnates of the Gilded Age.

    One can draw a straight line from Lansky to Trump, who undoubtedly completes “The Director’s” plan drawn up at the end of World War Two to take the American Mafia “legit.”  The Mob did this simply by acting like oligarchs of the past by buying up politicians and Judges, wholesale and in volume, in a very big way.


    What you may have heard is probably correct – Trump is just a front for the Mob. Perfectly “legit”, however, because in recent times the Mob operates through lawyers and owns legislatures around the world through their business holdings.  The CIA is also run by lawyers who make sure their operations are also “legit”.  Putin is a lawyer, too.  That’s why it will be practically impossible to find  real, original crimes to prosecute in Russiagate.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, doing business in Russia isn’t a crime, nor are efforts to improve U.S.-Russia relations.  “Collusion” isn’t a crime for which one can be indicted, it’s just a political offense to the Cold Warriors.  All the Trump business operations were designed and run by lawyers to be just inside the envelop of what’s legal under United States law, in Russia, and everywhere else that matters in these transactions.

    Therefore, finding evidence of criminal “money laundering” and making it stick against Trump is entirely unlikely, if Trump’s highly-paid corporate lawyers have been providing competent assistance.

    Don’t get your hopes up about Trump being charged.  There’s unlikely to be any provable “there”, there.  So, Mueller is chasing around subordinates who had less expensive lawyers who did stupid things like tax evasion and lying to FBI agents.  That’s all he’s ever likely to come up with.

    The entire kleptocapitalist system, in the USA as well as Russia, is like this.  Corrupt as hell, but “Legit”.  Run by expensive  lawyers working for billionaire mobsters whose traceable sources of income are “legit.”  That’s why nobody — not Christopher Steele at MI6, not James Comey or Robert Mueller as FBI Directors — ever said or did anything before about the Russian oligarchs, and the American Mob, and their control over governments, here and there, for many, many years.   It’s all  corrupt as hell, but it’s all perfectly “legit.”

    If the FBI, CIA and Steele were upset by the Mob in politics, they should’ve done something years ago, but didn’t.  Why?

    Oh, that’s right.  They couldn’t, because for decades Mafia “money laundering” is all designed by lawyers, and perfectly legit.  Just like the CIA is run by lawyers, Putin is a lawyer.  That’s why there’s no crime “there” behind Russiagate, and don’t hold your breath waiting for that Mueller indictment of the Donald for money laundering.   You see, Trump is “legit.”  So is most of the Mob, at least the billionaires who now employ legions of tax lawyers.  Hardly a hit man to be seen in Trump Tower, ever.

    How was this allowed to happen?

    Part of this is that J. Edgar’s preferred off-work casual attire was a skirt, and some of the founding fathers of the CIA made fortunes by doing business with the Corsican Mob which controlled the waterfronts where most of Europe’s heroin arrived  from the opium fields od Turkey, Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle of Southern Asia.  And, then there was all those Nazi assets that were never accounted for at the end of World War Two.

    Another part is that all those billions lost by visiting Shriners and car salesmen in Vegas over the years have been reinvested.  The cash went to purchase Manhattan real estate and large blocks of corporate preferred shares on The New York Stock Exchange.  Loose bills bought Majority Leaders and the Presidency.  More than once.  But nobody ever got busted before, and it’s unlikely to come to much this time.   That’s the legal money laundry run by the Mob that nobody talks about.  It’s as American as Vegas and Wall Street, and one has merged into the other.   So much easier for everyone to make a lot of noise now about the Russians.  But, they’re small change, and even Boris Badenov doesn’t light a fuse these days until it’s all cleared by the lawyers.



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  • MistaP (7715 posts)
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    1. plus this angle is going after Trump as a pol, not a BIDnessman

    even if he were eyes-deep in the Russian mob he’d know exactly how to keep his hands (legally) clean–not because it might be looked at if he became President, but the next time he went bankrupt (going bankrupt was his business model, after all)

    and we’re only chasing after the Russian mob because of a concatenation of hoaxes (blaming the 2015 DNC malware for the 2016 East-Coast thumb-drive leak, tapping Manafort and Paige, the FBI waiving Clinton’s indictment for the Chappaqua server, Fusion GPS’s leaky FSB dossier, Fusion GPS honeypotting Trump Jr with Chappaqua emails, Brennan “finding” that saying that our political system stinks is treason, Pokemon Go)–castles built on sand and all that

    and of course if this lead blows up, they’ll always swing back to “we never said it was about laundering, it was always about the interference in the 2016 election that installed him!”

    http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
  • 99Forever (4420 posts)
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    2. Nicely written.

    This is where we are at across the board. Criminal lawyers writing laws to legalize criminal behaviors of the rich and connected.

  • vattel (1955 posts)
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    3. Manafort has been charged with money laundering.

    • leveymg (4271 posts)
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      9. Manafort's alleged act was to fail to report foreign accounts on tax returns

      I can’t imagine that Trump’s tax lawyers would condone that sort of thing, or that Trump would be so brazen (imaginative) as to withhold such information from them.  In fact, I doubt if Trump even personally knows the names of all the banks where “his” money resides.  He has other lawyers for that.  Such “money laundering” offenses associated with tax evasion require a showing of intent to evade reporting requirements.

      • vattel (1955 posts)
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        12. Failing to report his foreign accounts doesn't exhaust the charges against him.

        He is also charged with violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  He is also charged with lying to the DOJ to conceal that he had violated that act.  He is also charged with money laundering partly because he moved money into and out of the United States with the intent to promote an unlawful activity, namely, a felony violation of FARA.

  • duckpin (6758 posts)
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    4. It all started with Arnold Rothstein who was the mentor for Lansky as

    well as other hoods both Jewish and Italian. It was AR who invented the modern international trade in illegal drugs after quitting the importation of liquor during prohibition as having too many government officials to bribe.

    AR taught Lansky how to dress and act in society and he did the same for other crooks. All this happened in the 1920’s when the FBI was in  place and to keep their stats up they relied on investigating and prosecuting stolen cars.

    When was it that Hoover finally admitted there was such a thing as the Mafia? Came pretty late if what I read was correct.


    Many thanks for the OP – good stuff there.

    "The justness of individual land right is  not justifiable to those to whom the land by right of first claim collectively belonged "
  • Maedhros (953 posts)
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    5. Another important thing to consider:

    American and European banks are under intense pressure from government to detect and report suspicious activity that may indicate money laundering, mostly because they are interested in finding and curtailing the flow of funds to ‘terrorist’ organizations.

    It’s not as if Trump operated in a financial vacuum (an intellectual vacuum?  Perhaps.).  Chances are very good that if Trump laundered money to Russia, it would have been reported already.  However, as you note in the OP, the lawyers in and around the Trump financial empire are certainly aware of money laundering laws and know their way around them.  Money may have been ‘laundered,’ but likely in a way that didn’t violate the law – especially since the laws are written by and for rich people like Trump and corporations.  They’re not likely to allow Congress to pass laws that will actually impede their ability to concentrate their wealth.

    I really doubt that any money laundering will be traced back to Trump.  They will likely take down a few of his peripheral associates and call it good.

    • closeupready (2277 posts)
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      8. +1. Also consider, it's not 'quid pro quo' if 'it makes sense'.

      That is, you can seemingly take all the bribes you want, as long as you call them “campaign donations,” and will almost NEVER be prosecuted for bribe-taking as long as you make your votes in favor of your donors (and against your constituents) seem as though they were votes that “made sense at the time,” deploying in media appearances arguments which are conveniently tailor-made for you by DC “think tanks” (whose operations are financed largely by those same donors, what a coincidence, huh).

      The opinions and views expressed herein are solely those of the author.
      • Maedhros (953 posts)
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        10. None of this will matter to the diehard Russiagate adherents.

        They have redefined “treason” as “having contact with Russians” and “money laundering” as “obtaining a loan from Russians”.

  • Marym625 (29211 posts)
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    6. On The Daily Radical

    Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • nevereVereven (4262 posts)
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    7. Recommended

    A hologram of a magnifying glass will also function as a magnifying glass, but a hologram of Sherlock Holmes won't solve anything.  
  • Johnny Rash (1412 posts)
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    11. Good read…. nothing new though!