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    Bern Baby Bern–Special B-day Wishes for Senator Sanders

    This summer the Bennys went to the NYC area.  In the second part of the week-long sojourn, we attended a Brooklyn Cyclones game at Coney Island and its ball park is next to the amusement park. The Cyclones are a minor league team of the Mets. It wasn’t terribly well attended, but the crowd was diverse, just folks enjoying a beverage, a Nathan’s Coney Island dog, and the shennigans of the giveaways/contests during the event.

    We had fun at their Saturday Night Fever theme (being that it’s the 40th anniversary of the movie, and its setting is where–Brooklyn, of course!) There was a guy pretending Tony Manero” doing his vogue pose in the infield. At the MSU ball park the loudspeakers were blasting “Burn Baby Burn” from the SNF tune, “Disco Inferno”, and I exclaimed “Feel the Bern, Bernie Sanders!” And no one flinched or looked at us with askance!

    (pic of Tony Manero is available at TPW where it was posted originally–which was a photoblog about the Bennys trip, including a visit to Bernie’s HS where I was shown a hardcopy of the Yearbook and got to walk around the halls of the school.  Visitors aren’t generally allowed, but they were very nice to me when I told them I had supported his campaign as a blogger)

    So I’m posting a pic of Bernie Sanders dancing to Saturday Night Fever on the Ellen show.  Berniecrats may recall this show occurred shortly after the first debate with Clinton, in which he was gracious enough to tell everyone he was sick of the damn e-mails.

    Happy Birthday, Bernie Sanders, from all of us.  May you have another great trip around the sun!


    Bernie Goodies



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  • Land of Enchantment (9291 posts)
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    1. Ahhh! What a wonderful story!

                   Happy Birthday Bernie!!!

         "Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart." ~ Emily Dickinson  
  • Benny (51 posts)
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    4. Someone typed this at TPW in Wishing The Senator Happy Birthday

    Woohoo! Happy Birthday! Can’t wait until my children celebrate it as a national holiday!

    It was sincere!  What a great idea–a national holiday to honor Bernie Sanders!