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      The punditocracy is overdue on acknowledging just how well Bernie Sanders plays the game of realpolitik. The man knows how to push ideas into public consciousness, how to articulate the inchoate yearnings of millions of his compatriots, how to leverage his proposals so they have clout, and how—and when—to settle. His decades-long push for Medicare for All has won over much of the Democratic Party; he had no hesitation voting for Obamacare even when it lacked a public option; and his push for M4A just continued with renewed force. In Bernieworld, the perfect is not the enemy of the good, even though no one campaigns more assiduously for the perfect.

      Bernie’s eye for the Big Chance and appreciation for the Realizable has only grown since the Democrats took the Senate and the White House in January, and he ascended to the chair of the Senate Budget Committee. His proposal for a $6 trillion reconciliation package is the most far-reaching set of quasi–social democratic reforms since New Deal Democrats established Social Security and the WPA in 1935. And by coming in with such a substantial sum—$6 trillion—he’s knowingly provided ample opportunity for his less enlightened moderate colleagues to whittle the package down and still end up with groundbreaking advances in social rights and provision and in climate mitigation.

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      trickery, to get the Democrats to do anything for the people, isn’t it.  Sorry, I got even more cynical, amazing that!, after watching a woman blithely say that adding 135,000 sample ballots into the NYC election results was no big deal.  Kinda makes all the micro-managing crap about counting ballots bizarre.

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