Bernie and Warren's Progressive Tax Plans Are So Popular That All the 2020 Democrats Are Adopting Similar Ones

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    Sanders — who rolled out a wealth tax proposal of his own last month that went farther than Warren’s — also forcefully defended his plan to significantly tax rates on the rich.

    The tax drew attacks from former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who argued Warren was being “punitive” in her plan though he later said he favored parts of it. Businessman Andrew Yang also raised questions over its implementation, noting that several European countries had ditched the tax in recent decades.

    Yet moderate Democratic candidates on-stage still said they were open to adopt elements of the idea, highlighting its popularity with voters amid the rapid growth of inequality in American society. Research shows that the richest 400 Americans tripled their portion of the national wealth since the early 1980s — and they now own the same amount of wealth as the bottom 60 percent.

    That’s contributed to increasing support for raising taxes on the rich. A recent YouGov survey conducted on behalf of Data for Progress, a progressive think-tank, found the Warren and Sanders plans were significantly more popular among voters than centrist alternatives.

    Up to now, the wealth tax split the party’s progressive and moderate wings over its approach to reducing the huge gap between the super-rich and everyone else.

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    Yes, but IMO everybody but Bernie is lying about that, have no intention of doing that, and/or have assured donors that this is a public face/private face issue, don’t worry your little grasping heads and fat wallets.  Called “campaign pandering”.

    Obama and Hillary’s REAL legacy – campaign blather is just campaign blather, and we all should know and accept and even fucking embrace the fact that a Democratic politician may very well just be saying things in order to get elected, that getting elected is the most important thing, and a politician must not really be subjected to that “feet to the fire” thing, that is just a useless meme.  Because they do not care one little tiny bit.  Really, “feet to the fire” only means “wait a few years and then lie again in order to get reelected”, because almost all politicians don’t give a fuck what their constituents think or feel until the next election, and big money has been making that kinda irrelevant too.

    Another big legacy – Hillary really should trademark this! – “public face/private face”.  With one phrase, Hillary rendered campaign speeches and platforms and promises null and void and meaningless.  We now know we need to look at past performance and source of money in order to try and determine if a candidate is lying through their teeth.  Shiny white teeth, because they have better dental care than they are willing to provide to the rest of us through M4A.

    Oh, and more bullshit “Bernie and Warren PROGRESSIVE”  headlines, because IMO the end game for the DNC is to try and convince Bernie’s supporters that Warren is just like Bernie.    And for those who say no, she is not – the fucking “this is as progressive as you are gonna get, so be pragmatic and STFU and vote for Warren” crap is likely already written.  Unless they intend to stuff Buttiegieg in there, or Hillary is planning a Hail Hillary end-game play.

    Anyone who asks, or thinks they can order me, to vote for a Democrat who is not Bernie can fuck off.

    Nope. If Bernie is not on the ballot, Green it is.

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