Bernie had a meeting with Obama before he suspended his campaign

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      and someone very, very, very, very, very high up in the campaign (Savage Joy knows them all well), told Savage Joy that whatever Obama said to Bernie was so bad he has told absolutely NO ONE, not even family members, what was said.

      Did he show him the Zapruder film? It had to be bad for him not to tell even Jane.

      Joy is still LIVE, but she said it earlier in her show if you want to catch it.

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      In ’16, Bernie showed up with scuff marks on his face.

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        I remember his cut up face at the convention.

        Obviously, someone had a “discussion” with him the night before the convention so he would behave himself.

        Evil forces are at work here… that includes President Drone.

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      Obama was my biggest disappointment as a president, for many reasons. I don’t know what he said, but I can imagine him saying it.

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      There also is a tale of Don Trump himself, shortly before inauguration, having a brief conversation with Mr.Obama, the departing President, in the back of a limo or something.  The second-hand account by Mr. Trump stated that it was something heavy, implying a revelation of some sort, and that he would love to reveal what had been revealed to him, but he couldn’t.  What’s this, even Trump was afraid of dishing *any* information?

      I’m so sick and tarred of Obama and his apparent influence, and he’s probably an intermediary from the real Bosses.  I don’t care what his revelation may be–whether the USA is bankrupt (duh?  we Little People could never figure out a deep secret like that)–or the Fifth Dimensional Space Aliens made contact decades ago and are in command.  Whatever it is, it couldn’t be as shocking to the Little People as, say, front pages of March/April 2020.


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      Yep, he was the unseen hand, that helped organize the way for Joe to win.

      Butti, etc., also got contacts from Obama prior to them dropping off like flies just before Super Tuesday.

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      What is he going to say to him? Good job Bernie? You have a great movement and campaign? Your issues are good for the country?

      NO! He probably told Bernie to end the F’ing campaign now. Or call it quits before the establishment really puts a hammer on you.

      If I was Bernie, I’d tell him to go play on the freeway-to put it kindly. Would not want anything to do with a 2-faced liar.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

      "I like birdy num-nums"

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      Unless Obama brought some Luca Brazzi like thug into the picture, I can’t imagine anything he could say that would have Bernie quaking in his boots and running out to suspend his campaign and heartily endorse Biden now. Which leads me to believe that there must have been a threat and Obama demonstrated that it was serious.

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