Bernie Isn't Running (YET), But the Sanders Network Is Alive, Kicking, and Organizing for 2020

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      Bernie Isn’t Running (YET), But the Sanders Network Is Alive, Kicking, and Organizing for 2020


      “…With nationwide House Parties planned for this month and a reinvigorated and vast network of supporters, the grassroots movement agitating for a 2020 run by Sanders is not idly waiting…”


      But while there has been no official announcement from Sanders at this point, the grassroots movement born during his 2016 run for the Democratic nomination is already gearing up for what they believe is now a certainty. Volunteer-run networks like People for Bernie (P4B) are reinvigorating existing members and cultivating new ones. At the same time, the recently launched Organizing for Bernie(OFB), made up of former campaign staffers and organizers, is coordinating nationwide ‘House Parties’ this month to galvanize those eager for (or curious about) Sanders’ next move.


      In an interview with Common Dreams, Kat Brezler, co-founder of People for Bernie and a public school teacher in the New York, explained that the upcoming House Parties are part of the larger “Draft Bernie” movement that exists across the country as well as an indication that the Sanders’ grassroots network, born during the senator’s initial run for the Democratic nomination, is being “reactivated.” However, she said, “reactivated” is a bad word choice, as this vast network has remained quite active since 2016. “You’d have to have literal blinders on to not know that the entire Bernie network was alive, well, and never went anywhere” Brezler explained.


      It is essential that Sanders’ voice be prominent in a presidential election cycle that will address the most pressing issues facing the country and the world at a perilous moment in our history.”  —Alan Minsky, Progressive Democrats of AmericaThis new “gearing up,” she continued, is just a reminder to the many members of the network—all doing local organizing work in their own communities—that it’s time to reconnect. “Let’s all come together,” Brezler said, “and talk about some of the things that didn’t work in 2016, some of the things that did work in 2016, and what we’re going to do differently.”


      Mandy Nunes Hennessey, a 2016 Sanders campaign staffer and co-founder of Organizing for Bernie, says the idea behind the House Parties—and the “Draft Bernie” petition they are circulating—is to lay the groundwork for something different in 2020 if Sanders decides to run. “I think 2016 was a bit of a de-centralized, and sometimes unwieldy, operation,” she explained to Common Dreams. “But if Bernie’s going to run again, he has to have some basic infrastructure before he announces.”




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