Bernie Sanders’ African American Aides Blame ‘Higher-Ups’ For Snubbing Black Voters

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    Bernie Sanders has taken some major losses in his run for president and many political commentators have consistently questioned his efforts at securing support from Black voters. Now, some of his aides and allies are offering insight into the major problems of his campaign, and most of it seems to involve a problematic chain of command.

    During the primary season, Sanders took some noticeable losses in states like Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia where Democratic competitor Joe Biden won by large margins. Many of these states, including South Carolina and Mississippi have a large percentage of Democrats that are Black.

    Apparently, some of Sanders’ staff saw the losses coming because of how his campaign was being run. “I knew that our campaign had not done the work it needed to do,” Donald Gilliard told The Washington Post. Gilliard acted as the deputy state political director for South Carolina. Gilliard went on to say that he felt the campaign’s strategy was “geared toward white progressives,” which left Black voters behind.


    “I think the distinguishing attitude for Sanders, that you didn’t see associated with Biden, was an angry white man,” Thigpen told The Post. “In the African American culture, nonverbal communication and body language is huge.” Thigpen added, “I think being accessible would have made up for it.”This seemed to be a primary critique from some of Sanders’ aides who felt there was a disconnect between local and national leadership. One of the most visible people up for critique was Nina Turner, who acts as Sanders’ national co-chair. The former Ohio state legislator became Sanders’ most prominent Black ally by traveling with him across the country, introducing him at rallies and helping him shape the campaign’s Black voter outreach in states like South Carolina.Although Turner has been a much-needed voice in the political world, some staffers felt she was wrong for the job when it came to South Carolina outreach. “She didn’t know the state,” said Gilliard, who said he likes Sanders but parted ways with the campaign after South Carolina’s Feb. 29 primary.


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    but I’ve heard this before – from centrist liars. If I hear someone say that Nina Turner doesn’t know how to speak to black voters in Mississippi or that the DNC stole the election I know which I would believe.

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    The Red Menace
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    The “black community” holds Bernie Sanders to a vastly higher, more exacting standard than they have ever held ANY OTHER white politician of any party. And when he meets the bar, they just re-elevate it and proclaim that no, he missed. meanwhile, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the like can literally do no wrong with the exact same community.

    Why is that, I wonder?

    “In the past four years, anti-Semitic views among the African-American population have remained steady, but are consistently higher than the general population. In 2011, 29 percent of African-Americans expressed strongly anti-Semitic views.”

    Gosh. I guess it’ll forever be a mystery.

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    Every state after Nevada was stolen by voter suppression and hacked evoting machines. MA flat-out stole 300,000 votes from Bernie (there’s screen shot PROOF)  to give to Biden (and others) and people who watched Tom Steyer votes COUNT BACKWARD in SC… to give to Biden. Texas closed 700 polling places in Bernie strongholds and there had to be fuckery IN every other state Bernie lost… because Biden campaigned in NONE of those states. And there’s no fucking way this “Bernie has problems with black people.” is true. It’s patently false.


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      He describes a difference in strategy between local & national offices. I was in the military so I understand very easily how chain of command can break down.

      I do agree that I don’t trust US elections when it comes to voter suppression & evoting machines.

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        Fugitive Birdie
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        … in the campaign in South Carolina as revealed by WikiLeaks.

        I am sure this likely happened again and/or the supposed caampaign person in the article is a liar.

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          I was going to give.

          And that SC mole is the person who spurred Niko House to go to Jared and Elizabeth Beck to get the DNC Lawsuit filed.

          I agree… the person who wrote that crap in the OP is most likely another mole.



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    B Calm
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    Fuck them, I will never vote for Joe Biden!

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    …from someone who had a good deal of responsibility for the Sanders campaign in South Carolina, and whose efforts obviously failed badly.

    “Gilliard acted as the deputy state political director for South Carolina.”

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    The older ones showed their true ignorant, Uncle Tom colors when they unthinkingly went along with Clyburn. One problem was not enough younger ones voted in the South, or Michigan, for that matter–that’s just a fact. There’s also generations of white propaganda down South about carpetbagging Yankee Jews come to take what little po’ black folk have. @twilightsporkle has a point.

    Another problem, insurmountable in my view, is programmable electronic voting machines. There is no democracy so long as those things tally votes.

    It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

    If Democrats don’t stand for the people, why should people stand for them?--Jim Hightower

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    game meat
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    Gilliard went on to say that he felt the campaign’s strategy was “geared toward white progressives,” which left Black voters behind.

    People saying they’re moles might be right. ^^^Curious how this “Sanders aide” is using 2016 Clinton talking points word for word…

    It’s always been a constant moving of the goal posts. No matter what Sanders did, it always came back to how he didn’t reach out to black voters.

    The whole thing was socially engineered from the beginning, the outcome predetermined. No one could ever say precisely what he did wrong, but the propaganda was successful in crafting the narrative that Sanders just wasn’t a good friend to black America.

    It all started with that viral video of those protestors rushing the stage, and then lead to the avalanche of smears: Sanders moved to Vermont because he doesn’t like black people; John Lewis implies Bernie didn’t really fight for civil rights back in the 60s, and it doesn’t count anyway because it was 50 years ago; lefty economics only benefit white men; the race trolls at “The Root” were snarking out daily; Joy Reid/she the people rudely booing him for no reason, and the general shenanigans of the black misleadership class.  Repetition is the key to learning, but it’s also the key to malignant propaganda too.



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    “Geared toward white progressives.”  No, that’s the ID politics of the DNC.

    Bernie has consistently talked about issues that help everyone regardless of ethnicity:  living wage, universal healthcare, infrastructure.  If he was “gearing toward white progressives” he would be talking about female VP selections, Russiagate, and pussyhats.

    ON EDIT:  Everything the DNC/MSM says regarding Bernie and black voters is unmitigated arse-gravy.

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    Just ‘splainin’ away to us Bernie supporters.  The thing is, for me, the ‘splainin’ is supposed to make us accept that Biden “wins”, but – that bullshit about voting for the blue no matter who is gone now.    Nope.

    I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

    Bernie's ISSUES or Bust!

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