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  • Flying Squirrel (1103 posts)
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    Bernie Sanders: America's 'other radical'

    Like great orators such as Dr Martin Luther King, President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu before him, the longest serving independent member of the United States Congress’ voice echoes against the walls and roof of the highest church in America as he rallies to rouse young Americans to free themselves of a “corrupt political system.”

    Sanders elicits the fiercest applause when, in his booming voice and Brooklyn accent, he waxes “radical.”

    To wit, he touts ideals and ideas with moral entanglements and a responsibility to the working class; ideals and ideas that encompass a redistribution of power and wealth from the few to the many: A decent living wage instead of a “starvation wage,” for instance. Health care for all. Immigration reform that includes a path toward citizenship.

    Arguably, nothing Sanders says to a thundering applause in this church on the edge of Harlem in New York could be conceived of as radical – and yet, it is with the notion of radicalism that political pundits equate his leftist ideologies, as well as discredit him.

    Much more at link:


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  • Polichick (333 posts)
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    1. Anything that threatens the corrupt status quo is "radical"…

    Just a few of the people and ideas labeled “radical” in the last fifty years:

    Bernie, socialism, hippies, green energy, people protecting the environment, Native Americans demanding rights, women demanding rights, blacks demanding rights, brown people demanding rights, lgbtq people demanding rights, people protecting animals, the idea of a department of peace, the idea of healthcare as a right, the idea that poor people should be cared for, the idea that all citizens should share in the benefits of their tax dollars, etc. etc. etc.

    Today’s ptb are even threatened by empathy – and love itself – because they have turned away from that light in themselves. Their addiction to money and power is all they have left. But they have rigged the system in so many ways that we’ll have to depend on our own inner powers to unite and create a new path. imo we already see this as citizens show up to do the right thing, from activists to scientists to children, all across the country.


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      2. Rec your reply