Bernie Sanders Attacks His Most Dedicated Of Supporters As "Irresponsible"; WRONG Approach Bernie

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      Betty Karlson
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      It will go on with or without you. Seems you made your choice. Your mistake.


      It’s not about you. It’s about us. US. Thanks for being with us for at least some time. Thanks for showing us that we need a stronger leader than you. Can we have Nina’s number? And Briahna’s too?

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      ..he’s the world’s worst one, since most of his followers won’t pivot to POS Biden.

      I understand Bernie has to “play along” somewhat to keep his position in the Senate but I don’t understand this statement. Sad.


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      Average Gazoo
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      They had a non-aggression pact. He was allowed to run and champion his issues with no chance of being allowed to win. Bernie let them rig primaries, steal votes, and ignore exit polls — he said nothing and all of those tactics will be used to hold down left-leaning voters in the future.

      I hope Sanders stops gaslighting and rides into the sunset with whatever amount of respect I have left for him. We will continue to organize around the issues that matter most to us with no more illusions that Bernie Sanders can become President.

      Be the Change

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      Piss me off, I’ll do exactly the opposite of what you want. I was NEVER going to ever vote for a Rapist warmongering lying plagiarist, but had I been on the fence, Bernard would have cemented my opposition to that POS.

      He just called all his campaign advisors IRRESPONSIBLE too! That’s a pretty Despicable thing to do. Not to mention all his supporters who gave him their hard earned money and have no intention of supporting someone like JoeMentia  It’s INSULTING. AND pisses me off.

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