Bernie Sanders Brings Amazon Union Battle to DC, Calling Bezos and Warehouse Worker to Testify

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      The hearing, which will focus on income inequality, will include testimony from Jennifer Bates, who trains employees at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Ala. That’s the facility where 5,805 employees are in the middle of an election to decide whether they will be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union.

      Sanders has also invited Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest person, to testify at the hearing. (Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

      “What you are seeing right now in Bessemer is an example of the richest person in this country spending a whole lot of money to make it harder for ordinary working people to live with dignity and safety,” Sanders said in an interview with The Post.

      Amazon has been trying to thwart unionization, even as Bezos saw his fortune climb $58 billion to $176.6 billion during the pandemic. It represents the growing chasm in income inequality that Sanders hopes the hearing will address.

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      Go Bernie!

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