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    Bernie Sanders brings 'political revolution' to Aurora

    Aug. 30, 2017

    The lines to get into the Paramount Theatre in Aurora Wednesday evening to hear U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders were a sign that the former presidential candidate’s “political revolution” hasn’t lost its spark among his supporters. In fact, the lines were so long down Galena Boulevard and Stolp Avenue they forced the event to begin 15 minutes late.

    “This book is about converting idealism into political activity, and when you do that, you and others like you create a world much better than the world we gave you,” Sanders said. “The good news is that I see that energy all over this country.” He said that positive energy can be seen in how American citizens are responding to the devastation brought to Texas by Hurricane Harvey.

    “We are reminded that this is when America is at its best,” Sanders said. “Nobody helping those people there cares if they are black or white or gay or from America or elsewhere. This is what we do best when people come together and address the crisis. The president has done nothing but divide us up, and our job, in a profound way, is to stand together as we have never stood before.”

    Aurora’s Thea Myers said Sanders “speaks for 99 percent of us” and believes that Sanders’ ideas can be put in motion because “of people power.”

    “There might not be a breakthrough because of money, but people have power,” she said. “I think he has star quality and is a decent man with a lot of integrity. That’s why I’m drawn to him.”




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