Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Chief Is Running a New Media Startup Aimed at Pushing Biden to the Left

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      What’s happening: Shakir told Axios he remains a political adviser to Sanders (I-Vt.).

      He formed More Perfect Union and an advocacy arm late last year. The nonprofit groups are independent of Sanders’ political operation but share its policy goals and some of its tactics, Shakir said.

      “We have a desire for policy change or political change,” Shakir said during an interview. “We aren’t going to be afraid to say, ‘Hey, you know, based off of our reporting, what we’ve learned on this, a policy solution to address this would be X, Y or Z.'”

      A staff of 12 has already produced videos covering issues including student debt, marijuana legalization, technology policy and abortion.

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      Once a President is elected you have lost all leverage for change.

      You also need to look at their history, not what they campaign on. Biden’s campaign writers at wrote liberal, but so far as President he talks politely but acts as his history showed he would.

      My inadvertent typo showed me what his website really should have been – joebiden.con .

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      Just another effort at sheepdogging as far as I’m concerned: See! Now we have a dozen people who will prepare strongly worded letters beseeching Fascist Joe to move to the Left! Have faith! Vote Blue No Matter Who!

      It won’t work on this citizen.

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