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      Bernie Sanders DISCUSSES U.S.-Israel Relationship at J Street Forum


      “….It was remarks by Sanders, who has long been reluctant to talk about himself, that stood out most. He brought a subdued crowd to life as he walked onstage to join a moderated discussion…..”



      “….Within 90 seconds of stepping onstage in a crowded convention hall Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders raised an issue he rarely mentions while running for president: his identity. “I am very proud to be Jewish and look forward to being the first Jewish president,” he said. The senator from Vermont spoke of relatives killed in the Holocaust and centuries of suffering before concluding that “if there is any people on earth who should do everything humanly possible” to combat President Trump’s divisiveness, “it is the Jewish people.”

      The comments, at a conference in Washington hosted by the liberal Jewish organization J Street, were Sanders’s most direct attempt yet to fuse his heritage to his political approach and policy agenda. His participation also served as a stark reminder of the distinctive space he occupies in the Democratic field. Sanders is the only prominent Jewish candidate, a vocal critic of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a staunch Palestinian defender and the preferred candidate of the nation’s first two Muslim congresswomen….”





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      This is a very good video–good questions, good crowd, and of course, good Bernie.

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      J Street was conceived as an alternative to AIPAC and is well worth supporfing

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