Bernie Sanders for women (graphic)

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      It is beautiful. Consider it stolen…. 

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      Ex-campaign surrogate says ‘Me Too’ has been weaponized against Sanders

      Nomiki Konst, a former surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign, on Friday said that the “Me Too” movement has been weaponized against the senator in the wake of s  ex ua  l misconduct allegations against staffers from his 2016 presidential campaign.

      “I think, unfortunately, the ‘Me Too’ movement has been used as a political weapon in this case,” she continued. “It has to be dealt with no matter what, but it is not something that feeds into this old Bernie bro narrative.”

      “The deputy campaign manager for Bernie Sanders was a woman. The chief of staff for Bernie Sanders had been a woman for years. I mean, there is always a need for women in leadership to address these issues, but I’ve seen this played out in the media. We have to remember that there are women that have been part of this movement, and they shouldn’t be erased,” she said citing female Sanders supporters such as herself, former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D) and actress Rosario Dawson.

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        Yeah so ridiculous. If I see a headline headed in that direction I won’t click on it. A lot of times if there is a positive article about Bernie they will throw that in there at the bottom. If I see that, no matter how positive the article, I won’t post it.

        Bernie is supposed to be aware of everything that is going on across 3000 miles of this country? Saturday’s shindig was run by mostly women. Apparently he has mostly women in his office in DC. There’s  huge female support online. Give me a break.

        vote for nobody

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