Bernie Sanders Has a MASSIVE Lead in Voter Enthusiasm

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    Bernie Sanders Has a MASSIVE Lead in Voter Enthusiasm




    Sanders has a massive lead in voter enthusiasm.



    52% of Sanders’ voters are “extremely excited” to vote for him.


    Sanders 52%

    Buttigieg 31%

    Warren 23%

    Biden 19%



    61% of Sanders voters say they’re definitely voting for him.


    Sanders 61%

    Biden 48%

    Warren 44%

    Pete 40%



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    Cold Mountain Trail
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    true for me.  a lot of elections, my feeling is my vote won’t matter, as whoever wins, nothing changes.  both at the local & higher levels.  this time i’m hopeful it will change the landscape for the better.  i sure hope there are many like me.

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    That is one of the few things in all of these ridiculously early polls that’s actually important. There’s a direct correlation between the enthusiasm of a candidate’s supporters and how many actually show up on election or caucus day.

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    If this continues, he’ll have to withdraw from the race.  Just ask Joy Behar or MSNBC.  lol

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    100% enthusiastic to cast my vote for Bernie Sanders!

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