Bernie Sanders: I Would Have Loved to Run Against Trump

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      Sitting across from Sanders in this little diner in this little town, it’s wild to contemplate that the 79-year-old has become an icon of popular culture, beloved by people under 30, featured in this month’s Vanity Fair cover story as a friend of pop star Dua Lipa, and that he was an inspiration for a Balenciaga show in Paris in 2017. He rolls his eyes at fashion. “I’m not chic,” he says. “I’m the least chic person in the world. Trust me.”

      He’s also unimpressed by billionaires and their toys. “You have the richest guys in the world who are not particularly worried about earth anymore,” he says. “They’re off in outer space.” People are sleeping on the streets, but “Mr. Bezos is worth $200 billion and now he wants to get a spaceship. That’s very nice. That’s what this legislation is about, Maureen. I want to talk about this legislation.”

      But wait, what does he think of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s lurking around A.O.C.’s office and calling her “a little communist”? “You’re getting off the subject here,” Sanders chides, before relenting: “Look, she is the future of a segment of the Republican Party which is delusional, which tends toward violence.” He adds: “It’s not just Jan. 6. It’s taking place at state capitols. There’s people walking around with guns.”

      If he were not a senator, he says, he might want to do something in media, helping journalists relate to the working class and correctly define political terms like “liberal”: “Liberals want to do nice things. And progressives understand that you have to take on powerful special interests to make it happen.” Before the senator leaves to work the phones, he returns to his list with one last directive: “Tell people what we are trying to accomplish.”

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      and the Democratic Party is certainly not part of that “we”.

      Mirabile dictu: A president and senator who are both pushing 80, men who were underestimated and dismissed for years in Democratic circles, are now teaming up to transform the country. It’s the Bernie and Joe show.

      FFS.  Gag me with a spoon.  It is the DNC who is, and has always been, against Bernie and his ideas.  “I beat the socialist”.  FFS.

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      “You don’t want to talk about Free Britney?”

      You see what this produced… a piece I’d rather wipe my ass with than read further. Dowd should have continued to take those edibles she over-dosed on and gotten over-paid for THAT.

      See you next Tuesday, NYT scribe.

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      Funny how corporate media pundits have nothing bad to say about Bernie anymore. Now he’s lovable old uncle Bernie!

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