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      In my e-mail today:

      “Whenever I am asked about running for president in 2020, I answer that if I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump, then I will probably run. That is the truth.

      If that happens, the political, financial and media elite of this country will stop at nothing to defeat us. You know that. We’ve lived through it together once before. Our ideas terrify them. So what they will do is try to divide us up with attacks — some old, some new — and our political opponents will spend obscene sums of money on ads to defeat us.

      <b>I just did not expect the attack ads to begin before I even made a decision. But they have…”</b>

      There is a request for donations through ActBlue at .

      Did I donate?  Yes.  I donated to Bernie when he ran, and I want to let him know that I want him to run and will support him again.  I would like to see a positive change in our government, for the first time in decades.

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      I’d love to see him nominated and gladly vote for him in the general.   But, will he be “the best candidate to beat Trump”?   A lot of Democrats are going to have to think so for him to win the primaries.



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        Ah, the hard, and the valid, question.  In my case, I am just looking for the best candidate, period.  I listened to Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartmann for a long time before he announced – he puts the people of the United States first.  If he is willing to deal with a vicious race against unscrupulous candidates of any party and the parties themselves, then he has my support.

        If he does not, I will wish him well, and I will continue to listen here to help find the truth, as I have through the previous incarnations of JPR.

        While it may be still ridiculously early to even be thinking about it, I am looking forward to a President I can be proud of.

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      I’m sending him a check with a note, asking him to announce so that I can put my Bernie 2020 bumper sticker on my car.

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      $$ to encourage him to announce and run.  More $$ once he does.

      formerly SandersDem @Squibbles on Twitter

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