Bernie Sanders in New Push for $15 Minimum Wage Under Biden: ‘For Me, It’s Morally Imperative’

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      The Congressional Budget Office forecast that 1.3 million workers would become jobless due to an increase to $15. That study also forecast that 27 million workers would receive pay increases thanks to a $15 minimum, and the number of people in poverty would decline by 1.3 million.

      Arindrajit Dube, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, said a review of economic studies shows that “more ambitious minimum wage policies have yet to produce any clear impact on jobs, even though it has certainly raised wages and reduced inequality”.

      “Overall, the body of literature shows it has very little effect on low-wage jobs,” Dube said. “My work shows it leads to a reduction in poverty and increased family earnings, and maybe 35¢ on the dollar goes back to the government through reduced public assistance.”

      Differing with Dube, economists David Neumark and Peter Shirley, in a newly released review of minimum wage research, conclude that “most of the evidence indicates the opposite – that minimum wages reduce low-skilled employment,” with the strongest effects on teens, young adults and the less-educated.

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      well, it sure made a difference to me when my state raised its minimum.

      if it makes so little difference, lets just go with $1 an hour.  somebody will work for that if thats the going rate.  more for the masters of mankind snarfle snarfle snort

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      I am totally for the raise to $15 an hour because it is the right response to the fact that it has been so long since their has been a raise in wages. BUT my grandson asked me a question that I had no answer for. He makes $16 an hour as the manager of a parts department at a Ford dealership. He asked how we were going to buy the hamburger etc. from the fast food joint when everyone there makes $15 an hour? He also suggested that there will be a rise in robotics in the lower income jobs.
      What is the thinking about these issues?


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