Bernie Sanders Is Fed Up With Republican Obstruction – and Democratic Caution

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      In recent days, the independent senator from Vermont has become the highest-profile and most enthusiastic congressional champion of the argument that Senate Democrats must use their narrow majority to enact a transformational agenda. Sanders has made it clear that he is pleased by the ambitions of the White House when it comes to strategies like those outlined in the president’s initial proposal for an American Jobs Plan. But he has been equally clear in recent days about his frustration with the deference many Democrats continue to show to Republicans who are delaying and disrupting the governing process.

      The Biden administration has been engaged in a delicate dance of negotiations with a small group of Republican senators, maintaining the faint hopes of reaching an agreement to approve the president’s infrastructure proposal. Republicans, some Democrats, and many pundits who are unable to get over the delusion of “bipartisanship,” have suggested that compromise is necessary to enact a more modest proposal.

      This is about much more than the usual wrangling between Democrats and Republicans. Sanders has a longer and more ambitious history of working with Republicans who really want to get things done—on issues ranging from fair trade to protecting civil liberties and auditing the Pentagon—than the vast majority of congressional Democrats. But the senator is unwilling to play the fool. If Republicans fail to bargain in good faith, he is prepared to abandon negotiations and start governing.

      That’s an emerging view on the part of progressives, who argue that the handful of Senate Republicans who are talking with Biden—and who have proposed weak-willed alternatives to the president’s agenda—are not taking the discussion about the American Jobs Plan seriously. Activists with the Sunrise Movement gathered outside the White House Friday to call for approval of “the boldest version of the American Jobs Plan.” “No Compromise, No Excuses,” declares the group. “Democrats must take their power seriously and stop negotiating with a GOP who is not serious about climate action or delivering for the American people.”

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      The Democrats have no intention of transforming any fucking thing except their bank accounts.  And, Bernie, the Democratic Party will never be with you, the Democratic Party is against you and all you stand for.  As you well know.   This is what was always going to happen.  And this is why we are quite deliberately only given the realistic choice of two parties, so those two parties can waltz with each other , bow to their owners, and crap on the rest of us.  The Democratic Party tolerates you because you are a great fund-raiser and give some progressives the illusion that if we just keep voting for Dems and sending them money, things will change for the better.

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      Will Bernie actually do anything, like place a senatorial hold on Biden’s appointees, to put any pressure on Joe Biden to do anything remotely progressive?

      Of course not. Won’t happen. They’ll bow down every time when Biden wants a vote. And the sun has set on the Sunrise Movement so far as I’m concerned. They, too, shamelessly shilled for the current Fascist in the White House because Trump Bad.

      And Democrat partisans still have the nerve to mock Republican hypocrisy. It’s quite amusing in a way, really.

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      he would grow a pair like Joe Manchin!

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      Sometimes Bernie acts like he hadn’t noticed Joe Biden’s actual political positions and voting record the last 40 years.

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