Bernie Sanders Is Running—and America Just Might Be Ready to Elect a Democratic Socialist

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    Two years into the presidency of Donald Trump, the nation is ready for radical change
    John Nichols


    Don’t bet against the guy just yet.

    As media and political elites misunderstood what made Sanders stand out in 2016, they are now misunderstanding what will make him stand out in 2020.


    Sanders was the only democratic socialist running for the Democratic nomination four years ago, and it is likely that he will be the only democratic socialist mounting a serious bid next year. His ideology is what has distinguished him in a country where, until his 2016 campaign jump-started the ideological discourse, the “s” word was often relegated to the fringe of the debate. And it will continue to distinguish him—not as an extreme and “unelectable” figure, but as the generator of big ideas that often extend from and build upon the tradition of the New Deal and the “Economic Bill of Rights” messaging that secured the Democratic Party its greatest victories.

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    Land of Enchantment
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    Oh how ‘they’ have so severely underestimated his not only un-ending but also increasing appeal to the American people. This was inevitable-we have not forsaken him–this time it already IS different. Bring it, Bernie!

    Not me. Us.

    “Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart.” ~ Emily Dickinson

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      Is this poster available for sale? I love it.


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        Land of Enchantment
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        I don’t know–I found it some time ago just looking for Bernie memes. If you remember the painting of Bernie with the bird—from 2016, I think the artist did finally put that in production. I looked around for this one again and could not find anything on it. You are welcome to steal it! Version 4.0 will have the option to put it in your sig line too…

        “Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart.” ~ Emily Dickinson

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    Sanders Independent
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    2 things completed today.  Donated to Bernie CHECK Registered Dem again since my State has a closed Presidential Primary CHECK.  Guess for the time being I am back to being SandersDem….

    formerly SandersDem @Squibbles on Twitter

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      Ah – right! Got to DemBernter.  Thank you for the reminder!

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    PLEASE keep underestimating us!

    The human race has few (if any) problems that couldn’t be solved by massive wealth.  And we’re literally surrounded by it, like a fly in amber.  Now if we only had brains… —Ben Bova

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    Yeah but….

    ….is Rachel Maddow, (allowed to be), ready for a Democratic Socialist?

    I am not sure if her response is on YouTube but it has got to be worth a looksee. (No, I have not watched MSNBC since they went all Hill-Shill.)

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    The biggest voting bloc is now the Millenials, and for them “socialism” as a snarl word belongs to history books,  helped along by the fact that for 40 years Repubs and neolibs have called all spending on public goods socialist.  If spending on public goods is socialist, then they want it.

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    America is certainly ready for Democratic Socialist policies as the polls show.

    The question remains whether the cries of ‘SOCIALISM’ aimed at Bernie and other progressives and their policies will be enough to turn the tide in favor of conservatives in the GOP and DNC. Those cries will not have much effect on younger more liberal voters but may be effective with older more conservative ones.

    If you can’t win a debate on policy, resort to juvenile nicknames and cries of ‘socialism’.

    National problems (slavery/racism, income inequality, pathetic health care, weak unions) are not solved with more states' rights. Global problems (climate change, migration, trade, war) are not solved with more national sovereignty.

    A CEO, an American worker and an immigrant sit at a table with a dozen cookies in front of them. The CEO grabs 11 of them, then leans over and warns the worker, "Watch out for the immigrant. He is trying to get your cookie."

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