Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden Is 'More Receptive' to Progressives Than Past Democrats

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      In a statement, Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said that “Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are friends and share a steadfast belief that we need a government that will deliver for working families.”

      “Senator Sanders and his team have been extraordinary partners in offering advice and support on the biggest challenges of our day, such as overcoming climate change and rebuilding the American middle class — especially after the COVID-19 outbreak,” Bates said.

      Also in the interview, Sanders, a self-avowed democratic socialist, held out hope that a future candidate with his beliefs will be more successful than he was.

      “Biden just mopped us up with older people,” Sanders said. “On the other hand, even in states where we did poorly, and lost, we won a majority of young people, forty or younger. That’s the future of America.”

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      “It is not good enough just to elect Joe Biden,” Sanders told the magazine. “We’ve got to continue the movement in this country for transformative change, and to understand that we are way, way, way behind many other industrialized countries in providing for the needs of working families.”

      The need for Biden to push a more progressive policy agenda should now be apparent to former skeptics in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, suggested Sanders. The public health and economic crisis caused by the outbreak has so far pushed more than 16 million Americans off their employer-sponsored health insurance, according to the Economic Policy Institute, and has caused an explosion in demand at food banks across the U.S. as many unemployed people began struggling to afford basic necessities after missing just one or two paychecks.

      “What we are seeing right now, the great economic message of today, is that, when you live paycheck to paycheck and you miss a few paychecks, a few weeks of work, your family is suddenly now in economic desperation. Literally. Struggling to put food on the table and pay the rent,” Sanders said. “So we’ve got to rethink.”

      “The fight continues for a Medicare for All single-payer program, and that becomes especially obvious when you have seen in recent months millions of people losing their jobs,” the senator added. “So I’m going to continue that fight.”

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      Biden has tried several times to get at Social Security, for fuck’s sake, and has already said he would veto M4A if it actually got past Pelosi to his desk.  So bullshit.  and same goes for all the supporting cast of Vichy Dem candidates.  Not buying that that.  Never buying that.  Gonna be a long and depressing campaign season, the swill is already lapping up and over the internet.

      The young see right through the DNC lies.  Why should they vote for their own continued disenfranchisement?  That’s ridiculous.  Boy, the “Bernie says” is gonna get horrendous – kinda funny, some folks say Bernie is horrible, some folks say “Bernie says”.  The DNC should have come up with a better UNITY! trick.  Not playing.  And – Bernie managing to acquaint more voters with what is possible, what should be done – I suppose the thinking is that this is just, as always, campaign blather, and people will forget what was lied and pandered about, so that can be dragged out again and again.  The young voters won’t fall for that, methinks.  So, nope.

      Biden will not be progressive in any way, shape, or form, and Mrs. Biden has already told us to shut up about what we want, swallow our disappointment, and vote for Biden.  So there is the DNC message, not the bullshit “Biden will listen to Progressives” lies that are being tendered.    For fuck’s sake, why try and shill what the DNC is  hawking as anything else.

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        @djean111 Your clarity on this issue is always welcomed, at least by me.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

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      How long has Biden been in politics? 40 some years? Did he ever do anything progressive that whole time? Why should we believe he’s changed now? 🙄

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      He ain’t gonna remember progressives and hat they want.

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      Looking at specific policies, I’m struggling to come up with any evidence of Biden’s alleged receptiveness. I seem to recall him being actively antagonistic towards every single one of Sanders’ transformative reforms.

      Just for fun and to make a short story long for my own amusement, I’d imagine a Biden presidency would not be much different than Obama’s. It’s inevitable that he will squash any public push for fundamental reforms of any and all of America’s broken institutions. Afterwards, he will try to redirect that energy to comparatively smaller issues with the intent of gaining some progressive cred without going after anything that threatens corporatism’s grip. My best guess is we’ll see a reemergence of the push for an assault weapons ban or, idk, maybe mandatory implicit bias training for police officers. Whatever he goes with, the core systemic rot will continue unabated. Kind of like how Obama actively fought against OWS, but decided to become the great gay marriage crusader all of a sudden after previously being opposed to it. It’s all about throwing scraps, nothing more.

      To play devils’ advocate, the only half way decent argument for Biden is how it isn’t without precedence for moderates to wind up implementing reforms beyond their professed ideology. Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into doing so. “Radical” Republicans at the time found him underwhelming and too moderate. Initially, he didn’t really want to end slavery, but to preserve the union at any cost. The emancipation proclamation was just designed to punish the confederacy and did not apply to slave states who remained in the union. LBJ is similar in that sense, at least in regards to domestic policy.

      Of course, those were different times for a variety of reasons beyond the scope of this post and I don’t expect Biden to morph into some great freedom fighter at age eighty. Hell, I don’t even expect Biden will be running the country even if he does manage to alzheimersly babble his way into the white house. A vote for Biden is just a vote for the Democratic party apparatus and all of the shiftiness that entails. So Sanders is welcome to urge people to vote for Biden if he wants, but I remain unconvinced. When it comes to voting for Democrats, we are way passed the ‘fool me twice, shame on me’ part. They can go pound sand, imo.


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        What I worry about with a Biden Presidency are policies like the bankruptcy bill & Iraq war. He now supports a policy that reverses the damage from his bankruptcy bill but like Sanders said it is about leadership and he has been wrong too many times.

        One thing I did like about the Obama administration is the FBI did investigations of problematic police departments which the Trump administration has done less of than either Bush or Obama.

        I don’t think Biden goes far enough. Howie Hawkins is on board with refund the police and he has the right idea. I have seen police watch the homeless & respond to mental health emergencies. It is better to fund programs that effectively treat those problems rather than using the police for everything.

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      All the way back to the 1970s, Joe Biden always is on the right wing side of every major issue. Where are the examples of him being “more receptive” to progressives??

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      Fuck off Bernie, if you really gave a damn you would still be running. I refuse to vote for anyone in the Democratic Party…I’m done. STFU

      The DNC “big tent” excludes Nina Turner but includes John Kasich.

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