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      THE OTHER MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE SENATE — Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) played the most dramatic role during the passage of the Covid relief bill into law. But the senator with the greatest imprint on the script itself was his colleague on the opposite end of the Democratic ideological spectrum: Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

      Sanders’ influence on the most ambitious piece of domestic legislation in a generation is evident in several places, particularly the guaranteed income program for children, the massive subsidies for people to buy health care, the sheer size of the $1.9 trillion measure and the centerpiece of it — direct checks to working Americans.

      But the specifics of the law tell only part of the story. The calculus by which the legislation was crafted and passed — a belief that popular bills endure more than bipartisan ones — is quintessentially Sanders. And it raises a thought-provoking question: Has any elected official in American history had such a profound influence on a major political party without ever formally joining it?

      Six years ago, Democrats were in a different place. Austerity politics were still gripping parts of the party. The ambitious agenda items were more social than economic: immigration reform, gun control, police reform after Ferguson. And in a few months time, the Republican Party’s presidential nominee would make serious inroads among the white working class voters who had served as the bedrock for Democrats for decades.

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      But that’s what things seem to come down to – one or a few votes.  If only Bernie was more powerful than Schumer or Pelosi……

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      Also under Trump, direct checks to working people was 1,800 (1,200 + 600) and he was ready to do $ 2,000 more.   This was blocked by Pelosi ( and by McConnell) who wanted to use the issue to hold the American people hostage for a democratic house and a democratic senate.

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      The senate is outdated and needs to be reformed. The very idea that a state with a million residents has 2 senators and a state with 20 million residents have 2 seems unfair in today’s politics.

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      So then if Bernie is mainly responsible for the $1,400, and he isn’t a democrat, as Hillbots and Khive constantly reminded us for 4 years, and Trump was responsible for the previous $1,800, and he isn’t a democrat, then out of the $3,200 total stimulis  money you recieved over the last year, none of it was initiated by democrats.

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