Bernie Sanders Lost His Fight to Be President. But Now He’s Written a Budget That Could Secure His Legacy.

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      Sanders’s Democratic colleagues have shown little discomfort with his role leading the budget push, and Sanders himself has complete confidence that his agenda’s popularity will overwhelm the political attacks. His schedule allowing, he said, he plans to tour conservative areas of the country in the coming weeks to promote it.

      If Republicans “want to be opposed to the $300 child tax credit, they want to be opposed to expanding Medicare, they want to be opposed to expanding child care,” he said, “if they want to tell their constituents that we can continue to ignore climate change, they’re going to lose the next election.”

      Sanders became a household name for railing against “million-ahs and billion-ahs” in his Brooklyn rasp, but he said his mission has now gone beyond mere wealth redistribution and an environmental rescue mission to encompass the preservation of American democracy.

      “A lot of people are losing faith in democratic government, with a small ‘d,’ and it’s just terribly important to me that we show people that we understand — we have a sense of what’s going on in their lives, we can address their crises and make life a little bit better,” he said. “Maybe we can restore some faith on the part of the American people in their government.”

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      coming year.  And then, the next year – we were evaluated on how well we achieved those objectives, we were not evaluated on how wonderful those objectives sounded.  We got our raises and/or promotions, or got to keep our jobs, based on our performance.  How wonderful it would be if everyone in our government had to work like that!  But that is just for the plebes.

      I have lost faith and belief in a “democratic” government, and absolutely have no faith and belief in a Democratic government or in a Republican government.  That would be ridiculous at this point.  And Bernie did not “lose” his fight, IMO, the fight was fixed from the start.

      I really do think Bernie means well and passionately wants this legislation to happen.  I know Bernie cannot get this done on his own, especially since what he wants to do is not in the interests or desires of the entities that own both parties.  I expect the Manchins and Sinemas and Pelosis will decide what happens.  As, IMO, planned.   But I will wait and see what gets extruded from the Congressional sausage-making and crawls across Biden’s desk (IMO Pelosi will ensure nothing that would make a pre-declared veto happen, bad optics, ya know).

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      Everything I post is just my opinion, and, honestly, I would love to be wrong.

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