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    Bernie Sanders movement changing Democratic politics in Texas




    The results have already shown themselves in local races, with Our Revolution helping recruit candidates and mobilize voters in local races for city councils in San Antonio and school board races in Houston. Now, 2018 offers a chance for the movement to impact congressional races.

    “There’s a different animal in the cage this time,” said Jim Hightower, the former Texas agriculture commissioner who become one of Sanders’ most prominent supporters.

    Hightower said the Bernie Sanders movement highlights an economic populism that used to be the way Texas Democrats dominated with working men and women. Access to health care, college education and a healthy distrust of corporate greed are all elements of the Sanders rise to prominence that could be tools for Democrats in Texas to finally win back the state, he said.


    It worked in San Antonio earlier this year. There, Our Revolution put its organizing skills on the front lines to help history teacher John Courage win an uphill battle to get on the city council in one of the city’s more conservative districts.

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